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Mini Review of The Walking Dead S8 Ep14 ‘Still Gotta Mean Something’  


This week’s Walking Dead was so poetically written and directed, that it slightly moved my heart a little, and perhaps compelled me to like this episode and give it a fair rating.

Let’s start with Negan, because his part was the most interesting one. As you all know, Jadis kidnaps Negan and brings him to her now abandoned dump. She ties him up real good on a plank with wheels and physically threatens to kill him and Lucille. But, she doesn’t do it because obviously, Negan isn’t supposed to die in her hands. Rick is going to kill him, right? Rick should be the one to smash his head like he did of Glenn’s and Abraham’s! Jadis was on the brink of even burning Lucielle away, but Negan suddenly starts to get sentimental and soft, and his tough ‘I don’t give a shit’ personality fades away…Yes, Negan does feel bad for Jadis’ group and he’s definitely not going to let Simon off so easily, but that doesn’t mean we get to see his good, sympathetic side, am I correct? Because if they keep showing Negan as being a man with soft feelings and emotions and thoughtfulness, then people are going to feel sad for his death and that’s not what I’m ready for. I want to see Negan die so badly and brutally, but not with tears in my eyes *sighs deeply*

At first, I was confused as to why Jadis was packing a suitcase (and man, she looked so clean and tidy, I wonder why she appeared so dirty when she was with her group) but then, it all made sense. Jadis was actually waiting for the mysterious helicopter that would get her out of this city, or heck maybe even country.

Alas, a slight mistake of leaving supplies filled suitcase near Negan was all it took for Jadis to miss her last flight home. Negan witnesses it, yes he does and I’m sure he’ll do what he can to find out who and from where that helicopter is coming from and why.

And so, Negan manages to get free and he kindly offers Jadis to join his group, his path and be one with them. But, Jadis’ expression tells all. The offer still stands though and Negan assures to drop by again, maybe she’ll accept his offer then, but for now, she’s all hate and revenge.

The helicopter though…it truly leaves us in the dark and with more enigmatic questions.

Tara is now on Dwight’s side while Daryl can’t stop thinking on ways to kill him because of his betrayal and for what he did to Tara (he just wouldn’t reason and that’s Daryl’s huge drawback on his personality. He doesn’t believe anything unless he hears or sees it for himself…hopefully, he will find out that what Tara said was true and that Dwight is a good guy and that he’s living his life on strings, now that he’s back to Sanctuary a.k.a Hell)  

Because Hilltop is now low on resources and they suppose that another attack can take place from the Saviors side, Rosita and Daryl plan on taking out the guy who is providing the needed ammunition to Negan and his men; Eugene.

Will they really kill him or will they abduct the genius and bring him back to Hilltop; probably to make bullets for them? (I really can’t wait for the next episode to find that out…)

Weak-minded Morgan is determined on finding the escaped Saviors and killing them; if not for him, for the sake of missing Henry who Morgan thinks is already dead and might be walking around with a bunch of Walkers. Carol joins him just to keep an eye on him, but when they stumble upon clues concerning young Henry, Carol and Morgan go their own zombie-filled paths.

Rick still hasn’t read Carl’s letter and Michonne pleads (commands) him to do it because he can’t just ignore Carl’s last words to his dad like that, can he? He can’t just move on because that’s not how things work. That’s not an option, that’s a choice Rick made and its wrong.

Rick still doesn’t read the letter (damn, I’m.still wondering what Carl wrote) and he leaves the community to find the escaped Saviors too, and this time, there would be no mercy.

Rick and Morgan encounter each other and the two bad guys join hands to find and kill the Saviors together.

But before Rick and Morgan could find them, the Saviors capture the two men and decide to go back to the Sanctuary and hand over Rick to Negan (all for what? Praise and some food and booze?) Some of them; most actually, disagree because they didn’t want to go back being with the Saviors after finding out that Simon have any need of them anymore.

Rick wakes up only to realize that he and Morgan and tied up, but he quickly gets the hang of what their indecisiveness was about and makes a deal with them. They cut him and Morgan loose and they will be welcomed to Hilltop with open arms. Rick gave his word for that. And a man’s word gotta mean something, right?

On the other side, there was a herd of Walkers heading over to them and it was a choice the prisoners have to make in a split second. Jared (the one who killed Henry’s brother) was against going back to Hilltop, but eventually, none of them follow his words because they won’t let down such a nice offer.

The Saviors cut loose Rick and Morgan just when the lousy Walkers arrive, and the two gangs help each other to get out from the Walker filled area. But, but, but…Rick doesn’t fulfil the trusted word he had given the Saviors. With the right timing and movement, Rick and Morgan kill each and every one of them. Finally, Jared too gets eaten by meat thirsty Walkers, and now we no longer have any annoying characters with long blonde hair.

Carol luckily finds Henry and with warm hugs and regretful apologies, they both come back to Hilltop ever after.

Not long after, Rick and Morgan come to hilltop too; all bloody and broken from the inside and Morgan informs Henry that his brothers’ killer is dead. But poor Henry just feels sorry for what Morgan had gone and is going through right now…Our stick guy really has a crack mind and I can’t help but wonder the decisions he will settle upon in the later episodes.

Rick finally freshens up and thanks, apologizes and says ‘I love you’ to Michonne before at long last, reading Carl’s letter which is still kept a damn secret (Ugh, what did he write?!)

Guess what? Daddy’s back home to Sanctuary and he really wants to surprise his kids with gifts that he’s dying to give them.

Although they showed Negan all pushy and soft and warm hearted, his ‘Daddy’s home’ attitude scared me…really, because Negan has a mind of his own and if someone pisses him off real bad, he can’t control his own reflexes (Undeniably scary…)

But, on the way to his home sweet home, Negan picks someone up and brings that person with him…Can anyone guess who it could be? Because I’m all out of guesses now…

I clearly liked this episode and just as the season is about to end, they are picking up their pace and the excitement with it. Will they kill Negan in this season or will he be a changed man like Carl dreamed of and just live his life happily at the Hilltop with Rick, the Widow and the King?

Who knows…I just want Negan dead. Please. Enough of him already. He’s stayed on for too long (no offence, Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

Also, I forgot to mention, but the soundtracks used in this episode were darn awesome.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~




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