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Mini Review of ‘I’m not a robot’ Ep1 (K-Drama)

Yesterday, I was craving to watch a Korean Drama since for the past couple weeks, me and Unnie were watching reality shows. We did argue a little because she still wanted to see a reality show, but eventually, I won (HAH!)

There’s this sight we always use to watch any Korean, Chinese or Japanese drama’s or movies <Kissasian.ch> and when we searched for the most popular shows, we stumbled upon I’m not a robot which was ranked 10th.

Yeah, we’re a bit crack for starting a drama from the least to the best, but we’re glad we did that because I actually liked the episode and I’m eager to continue it.

I’m not a robot, is a story about a wealthy man named Kim Min Kyu, (Yoo Seung-ho) who sadly is allergic to humans. Once he gets in contact with them, he begins to develop rashes all over his body, and the painful symptoms only die down when he injects himself with a particular medication.

He enjoys by himself in his whopping huge mansion; playing racing games, watching romantic movies, doing silly stuff like stacking a whole lot of cards.

Although he has been staying away from humans like a monster, he doesn’t mind being in his own solitude (that’s what he says for his own satisfaction)

Then enters our second main protagonist, Jo Ji-ah (Chae Soo-bin) who is trying to survive in this cruel world by creating her own businesses.

And like every person’s destiny, Ji ah and Min Kyu encounter only because Min Kyu agreed to pay Ji ah 300 dollars if she successfully brings a limited edition figurine for him.

But, due to some mistake and carelessness from the Ji-ah’s side, the deal goes off. Filled with rage for the injustice done to her, she manages to get her hands on Min Kyu (literally) and Min Kyu starts to get rashes again. Nonetheless, he achieves to get free from her clutches and runs away before the rash could dramatically spread.

Ji-ah, now betrayed and vengeful, resolves to teach Min Kyu a lesson.

When all is said and done, Min Kyu receives a pen drive in which a video made by a famous professor named Hong Baek Kyun stating that he has made a robot called Aji 3 especially for poor Min Kyu who can’t touch or be anywhere close to humans.

Reasoning to check out this new robot even though professor Baek Kyun seems suspicious, Min Kyu heads to the lab where Aji 3 awaits him.

At first, he thinks that someone is playing a prank on him and that there really isn’t any robot. However, when Aji 3 herself proofs that she is one, Min Kyu couldn’t believe his eyes.

Now, will he take the robot home with him? Or will he refuse to accept her and be friendless forever? Also, will he be able to touch the robot and not get any rash?

Well, that’s what I need to find out, and that’s why I need to continue watching the next episode.

Min Kyu’s character and personality is funny, cute and carefree, but when it gets serious, he’s quite scary and hard to manage.

Whereas, Ji-ah’s character is cute, yet she is always fired-up, and won’t stand bigotry.

The episode too was quite comedic and it made me sympathize with the protagonist. However, I still haven’t connected properly with this drama which means, if I even got slightly bored, I wouldn’t continue watching it.

Anyway, let’s see how this drama goes and whether it’ll move my emotions or not, and whether It’ll get me binge watching it in no time.

So, wait for me until I go and watch the next episode because I’ll be back to review it!

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~




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