Mini Review of Detective K – Secret of the bloodsucking demon (Korean movie)

I’ve watched all of Detective K movies and since then I’ve been a big fan of his. I was super excited when I found out that a new part was going to be released and when it came out, I eagerly waited for a nice print to come out, and as soon as I found one, I watched it with my parents and Unnie (we’re all Detective K fans haha)

After a series of mysterious deaths, Detective K and his partner are appointed to investigate it. On their journey, they meet a woman who has amnesia and who is desperately trying to recall her memories. She eventually teams up with them to solve the murders ongoing in Joseon.  However, they discover some strange and unexpected things that shakes them up and decide to end the chaos, once and for all.

I liked the movie for its silly comedic parts between the Detective and his partner. The Detective’s character too was fun to watch and the concept and theme of the movie really keeps you engrossed till the end. There also was the right amount of feels and emotions that makes the sympathizes with the viewers on a different level.

But, I do think that at some point, it had become slow and dull. It wasn’t a great part unlike the previous ones, nonetheless, since there was a sensible story to it, it was watchable till the very end.

The actors and actresses have all acted up to the mark, and I don’t have any complains in how the movie should’ve went and ended because in my opinion, It ended pretty logically (although it was fantasy)

At the end of the movie, they did hint us that they will be a next part of the Detective K series and I certainly am hyper about it because I love the duo of Detective K and his ridiculous partner and seeing them solving a case together just cracks me up so bad!

Regardless of the genre and my minor objections, this movie does categorize in the ‘must watch’ category.

You surely don’t want to miss it.

Rating: 8/10

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