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Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep17 ‘The Noose Tightens’

I just finished watching episode 17 of Riverdale, and I’m so happy that the series is picking up its pace again. I’ve complained a few times that Riverdale was getting slow, but now I’ve no complaints whatsoever.

Archie is now all in for Hiram Lodge which opens a fresh crack between him and his father, Fred Andrews who is now running for the Mayor and is still–and always will be, against Hiram’s notions of changing Riverdale’s future.

Archie is, no doubt, wrapped around Hiram’s pinky finger, which drives him to make decisions he never thought he would take.

It’s broadcasted in the news that the cops have found an unknown car from the swamp and suspect that its a foul play.

A tense occurrence takes place at the Coopers when Darla, the shady man’s lover who Betty and Alice hide in the abandoned sewage pipes, arrives at Riverdale in search for the car which apparently, was hers; the shady guy had just burrowed it. All Darla wants now is the money the Shady Guy owes her; 10 grand (that’s it) and Alice obliges to hand her that much, but only on one condition. That she lock her mouth, throw the key away and get out of Riverdale.

FP does tell them to keep silent about this matter but, as we all know how Jughead and Betty are restless and can’t stay silent as they have been ordered to, the two of the ask Kevin for some minor details, that’s all, but all the more that gave Alice a chance to drag Betty out of the trailer, and away from Jughead.

However, right after Darla’s wishes have been fulfilled by the Coppers, (remember the guy Betty Sprayed while trying to save his brother?) Well, he suddenly enters the scene (literally in Betty’s house) and the two Centerville residents plan on taking over the Copper’s residence. However, Betty plays a clever move and calls our darling Jughead to take care of the situation; who in turn, brings his gang of Serpents and threaten the intruders to leave or to die.

Chic, on the other hand, after witnessing how the Coppers life have been threatened twice this day, decides to finally leave the house.

Alice personally thanks the Serpents for the risk they had taken to save her and her family, and assures them that she no longer will slander the Serpents for the crimes they didn’t commit.

Toni, Veronica and Josie investigate abrupt Cheryl’s disappearance. They are falsely informed by Penelope that Cheryl was not in her right mind and that she was obsessed with Josie. Josie, who randomly connects the dots with previous situations and realizations, backs off on saving Cheryl but Veronica and Toni are adamant on bringing her back from wherever she is hidden.

As luck would have it, Nana Rose successfully, yet unsuccessfully delivers a hint to Toni about Cheryl, and with that tiny hint, Toni and Veronica, with the help of Kevin who has answers and solutions for each and everything, at long last find Cheryl.

I was so happy to finally see a Teryl moment! They actually kissed before escaping the evil orphanage that doesn’t support people like Cheryl and Kevin.

Now that our Bomb Cheryl Blossom is free and has no strings attached, she is going to serve her revenge nice and cold, that’s for sure.

Will Nana Rose be in danger though for trying to save Cheryl?

For Archie though, its looking all good because Hiram and Hermoine give him a freaking awesome car and (with a little nudge from Ronnie) he agrees to take it.

Archie’s mom does question him of his change of attitude and beliefs; who really is Archie? So, will our handsome red haired realize himself or will he dive deeper with Lodges and ruin his relationship with his closest friend; his dad?

Alice seems to not have a problem with the Serpents now, so will she allow Betty to finally get a serpent tattoo and be one with Jughead?

I truly can’t wait for the next episode because poor Cheryl just turned grenade Cheryl again and I want to see what she’s gonna do and how she’s gonna handle herself from now on.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~



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