Mini Review of Stray Kids ‘District 9’ MV

Truth be told, Stray Kids have become my favorite group. They had captured my attention with their song ‘Hellevator’, but now they have captured my heart and soul with their new song, ‘District 9’ that breaks down all the typicality rhythms and beats and gives you a fresh tune to dance to. This powerful song speaks about getting to know yourself before judging others. It’s a simply, yet dynamic song that gives you the goosebumps and adrenaline rush to keep you going all day, and to repeatedly listen to ‘District 9’ that had 6 million views in 24 hours! Wow, that is dynamic, isn’t it?

The futuristic based MV had quite a story in it. Apparently, the idols are lab rats who are being locked and experimented on, however, because of an individual’s help (who is also an idol) they escape from the clutches of the evil scientists and end up in a place where they truly belong. This ‘experimental subject’ concept has been used and is still being used by the Kpop industry for a really long time, and I think every group goes through that stage of showing how powerful and firm they are in reaching the top without needing anyone’s help. Yes, evidently, the meaning is that deep. Not all K-pop songs are purposeless. Some have truth to it, while some have hidden points that you have to discover by yourself.

Although common, Stray Kids pulled off the theme pretty awesomely in their own style. The choreography is hyperactive and vivacious, and the EDM beats cadences ultimately compels us. I knew Stray Kids wouldn’t let me down and I hope they keep on making such awesome songs in the future as well!

Now, all I have to do is memorize their names, listen to their entire album, watch their shows and I’m good to go.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors,

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