Mini Review of Insidious – The Last Key

So, I finally got to watch Insidious: The last key, last night with my family and being totally honest, I liked the movie. Because of the ratings given by many viewers, I thought it wouldn’t be good, but I don’t see any wrong in the movie that people gave it a dull 5 star rating.

Insidious: The last key, is about Elise, the psychic before she takes on Dalton’s case (the first part of Insidious) She gets a call from the owner of the house she used to live in as a child and decides to investigate his case after realizing that the demon haunting the house and its owner was the same demon Elise had innocently let into this world when she was a kid. With her two sidekicks, she unravels the mystery of the demon, but all the more discovers some devastating matters that are related to her childhood.

The movie didn’t have the creepy feeling like it did for the other parts but there were the surprises and the sudden movements that literally makes you shout and flinch a little. It did become a bit slow and uninteresting from the second half and the movie failed to keep its horror prickle, but because everything was going smoothly, I didn’t lose my focus.

The plot was interesting and sensible too, and I liked how they linked the previous Insidious parts together. It just gives us the in-depth of what really happened, why and when.

I will complain that at first the demon looked spine-chilling, but the more screen time it got, the funnier and less frightening it started to look.

Not withstanding what others say, I plainly liked the movie and I wouldn’t mind watching it again if I have to.

Rating: 6/10

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