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Mini Review of The Walking Dead S8 Ep11 and Ep12

*Beware of spoilers*

Hey guys, so since I didn’t get the time to watch The Walking Dead until yesterday, I’m going to review the two episodes that I missed together. In my opinion though, I think the episodes are getting a bit uninteresting and I feel that they are stretching it a lot instead of ending it with a bang. I wish they would just end Negan’s character because he’s been in the scene for too long and it’s getting tide annoying. I’m hoping Rick or at least someone from the group or the Walkers themselves would defeat Negan and just get on with it. He’s the first villain to stay this long, isn’t he?

In episode 11 of The Walking Dead, titled, ‘Dead or Alive Or,’ After the fall of Alexandria and Carl, Darly takes on the burden to take the Alexandrians to Hilltop. Since the Saviors are everywhere on look out for them, Darly and his people take the dangerous route that eventually, led them safely to Hilltop. However, before that things get a little out of hand when Tara, who loathes Dwight for killing her girlfriend tries to kill him but in return, he saves her from getting found out by the Saviors and risks his life by leading them astray; away from Darly’s group.

One look on Daryl’s face and everything gets clear; Carl is dead. Poor Enid cries her heart out upon receiving the tragic news (she didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye to him)

At a loss for provision, Maggie has to make rough decisions at Hilltop to save her people from starvation.

Negan commands Eugene to make him ammunition for their big battle and promises him ease and comfort in doing so.

On the other side, Gabriel and Dr. Carson are heading towards Hilltop but because of Gabriel’s loss of eye sight due to the infection, matters get a bit messy. However, Gabriel doesn’t lose faith. The two of them; by the help of Gabriel’s sharp hearing senses, find a house in between the woods and repose there, only to find out that God is indeed leading the way. They find antibiotics for Gabriel, car keys and a map but once they receive this slight happiness, they are once more met with tragedy. Dr. Carson heads to the garage to see if the car is still there or not, but before he could reach it, his leg gets trapped in a bear trap and due to his loud screams, a dozen Walkers start to walk up to him to get themselves fed. He manages for a while but our blind hero, Gabriel (who has his faith increased) saves Dr. Carson. The blind and the crippled happily sit in the car and were about to head off on another road trip when unexpectedly, the Saviors find and capture them; ready to take them back to Negan. Gabriel still thinks that God is leading the way, and Dr. Carson begins to think so too but in quite a different manner…He tries to snatch the gun from one of the Saviors but in reflex the man shoots him, and Dr. Carson is dead, there and then. In front of Gabriel, who slowly begins to question his faith. Is God really leading the way…? I was glad though that Negan didn’t kill Gabriel or anything because I would’ve become so angry!  Instead, Negan brings Gabriel to Eugene thinking that perhaps, he could be of help to him. At first, Eugene feared that maybe Gabriel had let the cat out of the bag, but as a faithful servant of God, Gabriel said so otherwise; blaming it all on poor Dr. Carson. I seriously think that they unnecessarily killed the doctor because now Hilltop has got another doctor; Siddique. So, what I’m thinking is, a community can’t have two doctors, so they had to kill one… (-_-)

Negan plans on scaring the Hilltoppers with Walker parts and guts and entrails and he’s confident that this time, they’ll get on line and fear Negan like everyone does. But, with Rick who has nothing to lose, and with Maggie who’s changing the imprisoned hearts of the Saviors, will Negan really be able to save himself from the angers of all those he has hurt?

My rating: 5/10


Okay, so moving onto the next chapter, titled, ‘The Key’. Rick and Michonne arrive at Hilltop. Negan, with his group of irritating men, head over to Hilltop to maybe talk some sense into Rick and the others that all Negan wants is to save them and to work for him (like hell anybody would comply to that) but, something unexpected happens with Negan. While Rick is on the watch out for the Saviors, he sees Negan’s car too with the other groups and decides to freaking ambush him because he as heck doesn’t want to lose this opportunity of killing him once and for all without losing anybody else. He takes his vehicle and straight as hell crashes his van with Negan’s, who, upon surprise, loses control on his wheel.

I totally don’t dig Simon’s plan about being the opposite of Negan and all that crap about doing what needs to be done at the right time and moment (and damn, if Negan hears his plan, then Lucille’s in for some sweet treat!) but, I think Simon’s thoughts are going to be the downfall of the Saviors and Negan’s not to blame for that. Because Simon hates Negan too, he doesn’t search for him when Rick chases him into a zombie-filled basement where the two of them have the time of their life. Oh-ho! In this episode, Rick appeared to be the bloody villain. The chasing, the desperate shooting, the imitation of Negan’s whistling and Rick lighting up Lucille was hella intense! However, I did think that they prolonged it a bit with all the talks and fighting the zombies together while attempting to kill each other in the process. Unfortunately, Negan escapes and vanishes but only to be found by our one and only, Jadis, who will most likely kill Negan without having any second thoughts. I wonder what’s going to happen to our villain…Being honest, I think Negan’s villainism is nothing without Lucille and that he’s a total coward when it comes meeting face to face with his enemy. I mean, he runs and hides when he sees Rick when he should be standing firm on the ground and swinging his gut-dipped bat!

I liked Rick’s rage in this episode and since he has nothing to lose now, he might as well risk everything to end this Negan bed-time story that’s starting to get boring.

Maggie meets a new group of three who are bartering their significant knowledge for insignificant stuff. Georgie (the leader) along with her two companions, Hilda and Midge, discuss the key to a better future with Maggie, Michonne, Rosita and Enid. Maggie decides to take the group to Hilltop because of the abundant supply of food and refuses to accept their deal. However, Michonne calmly explains that they should free the group and go forward with the deal (that’s what Carl would’ve done) Eventually, because of Carl’s stand point, Maggie releases the group with the stuff they asked for and in return, Georgie gives her a bulky document titled, “Key to your future,” that has all the knowledge to make the world; Maggie’s community a better place to survive in. A future plan for the future. Georgie leaves saying that she’ll come back (not soon) but she will and when she does, she would want to see the better future with her own eyes. Maggie thanks her and for the first time in quite a long time, there’s a subtle smile on her face that says she believes there could be a future too; for her, her child and for her people.

Now, I can’t judge whether this group is good or evil, but at the moment, hope is all they all need to win the fight that’s coming their way. A bit of inspiration and they can open the door to a new home where there will be, no doubt, smiling faces welcoming them.

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~




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