Mini Review of Wanna One ‘Boomerang’ MV

Wanna One’s new song, titled Boomerang is a typical love song that confesses of being deep in love with the woman and hoping to spend the rest of his life with her. Being completely honest, the song couldn’t make my heart race or even keep me focused. They were many tunes in its; EDM, Trap, Electro, and some betas did make my bob head, however, I can’t say that I liked the entire song. I don’t know, I just felt that the tunes were forced, and I felt that the vocalists too were slightly stiff in their singing. I don’t blame the singers, though. The song itself has turned out to be quite uninteresting to the ears and it makes me think twice to listen to it again.

Nonetheless, the MV does show the charismatic side of the idols. But, I have more complaints to be served…First off, the theme and concept they used for the MV has been used in previous K-pop songs, so it seemed dull and unoriginal. Secondly, though the choreography was powerful, it appeared strained; just like the song. And thirdly, I anticipated the song so much but it clearly disappointed me. I didn’t feel the excitement, the rush and the awe of it all. Guess, I just expected a lot from them after listening to ‘Energetic.’ I’m afraid I have to say that this isn’t their winning song…

Of course, these are my thoughts and I’m supposing most of you loved the song, but don’t hate me, alright? It’s just my thoughts and I hope you tolerate it (Do leave your thoughts about the song in the comments! I would certainly love to hear them~)

I might’ve saw a couple of flaws in the idols too, but I would rather not mention or judge them because I haven’t got the chance to know them properly (perhaps, one day I might)

Rating: 4/10

Peace neighbors,

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