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Review of Riverdale S2 Ep16 ‘Primary Colors’

This week’s episode of Riverdale was so what I needed. It was so much more mysterious, nerve- wrecking, amusing and filled with utter tension and agitation. It was definitely my style and I couldn’t be more happy to see them give me what I truly wanted.

Poor Archie is stuck deep with Hiram Lodge and he can’t seem to get out of it because of the ‘pact’ he had made with him the other night. He’s even arguing with his dad regarding anything to do with the lodges and I’m not liking his attitude towards his family and friends one bit. I was glad to see Archie’s mom step in to save Fred from the Lodges stubbornness of not relieving Fred from their contract. Nonetheless, Hiram is moving Archie as if he’s a chess piece. But Archie has his own thinking and beliefs he lives up to and no matter what he won’t let anything happen to his family or friends.

If Hiram throws a basket, so does Archie and I think that what makes Archiekins, Archie.

Betty is evidently fed up with Chic and desperately wants to kick him out of the house. And all the more after finding out that he doesn’t have the blossom blood in him. Her mom mentions that Chic isn’t really her son and Betty kind of suspects FP to be his dad but phew…FP isn’t the psycho’s father…someone else is and that detail is kept a secret. Alice repeatedly takes Chic side as she believes that Chic really is her son and that he has been away from real love so long that it has now become Alice’s duty to give him some. As a mother, she’s right but as for me, I’m on Betty’s side. I want him out of the Cooper’s life as much as Betty does. Chic keeps getting uncanny; like heck, he knows all what Betty has done or has been doing. He’s such a complaint shit box (sorry for the bad language) I hope Betty does something real soon about him because this brother of hers is hiding his true intentions and it doesn’t seem sane.

An unhappy Veronica; due to her parent’s wrongdoings suffer hostility from the girls of Riverdale high. Because Hermoine is running for the president, she plainly orders Veronica to keep her head in the sand until the storm a.k.a her enemies, passes. But because V thinks that she’s in some kind of a holy battle against the good people, she tries to protect herself (theoretically) by attempting to become the Student Council President. However, things soon turn upside down and V is left hopeless and friendless. Betty too refuses to be her running mate because of the truth she had hid from them. Poor V did go through a lot in this episode although all her intentions were clean and for the well-being of others. Archie is someone who understands her situation and her one hundred percent supports her, but with other things keeping him busy; like dancing on the same stage with Hiram Lodge and complying to his motives, we didn’t get to see much of Varchie in this episode (boo hoo…)

Jughead, who loves eating more than anything Betty, goes on a hunger strike to save the South Side High from being turned into a damn prison. Hearing Jughead’s motivational speech, the young Serpents join Jughead in this tiring, cold and painful journey to save the one true thing that mattered to them all; mostly to Juggy because that’s where he was born and that’s where the memories of his family rest. FP is hand in hand with his son, giving him all the support he can to him, along with the other older Serpents. Everything seems to be going well; well, not really because somehow, at the back of his mind, Jughead knew that he was going to lose this battle and yet he fought. However, when Jug was successful on grabbing Hiram’s attention, there opens a wound between Archie and Jughead that distinctly seems difficult to heal. Archie does what he’s been told and that only burns Jughead’s already fired up heart. Nevertheless the disgrace, Jughead (out of the blue) decides to run for the Student Council President and asks Betty to be his co-president. Betty happily agrees but on one condition; that is if he lets her stay with him, away from her detestable brother.

Cheryl’s story was the most disturbing one. But before the disturbance, Toni joins the Vixens, and Cheryl invites her closest friends (the inner circle which she calls) to a slumber party at her house. The five of them enjoy a plain night while combing each other’s hair as in a horror movie, but soon after, Cheryl divulges that the slumber party was just an excuse and that she’s afraid of what might happen to her. That night, if it wasn’t for the unpleasant event that took place, Toni and Cheryl would’ve literally had their moment! (We were so close to having a Terly ship ready to sail!)

As she had suspected and expected, Nana blossom had eventually gone to the hospital (luckily, alive) due to a fall she took from the stairs. According to Penelope and the doctors, Nana was suffering from a Sundowners Syndrome, which clears the fact that she might’ve fallen by accident, but Cherly thinks so otherwise. She suspects that it was her mom and Uncle behind this devious act of theirs and she tries to mention this fact to the doctor but before she could, Penelope drags her away and from then on, things go darker…Her mom sends Cheryl to a mental hospital!!!! How wicked can she get?! Sending her own daughter to a place where she doesn’t belong and ruining her life like that! I’m so angry and sad right now…I wish someone would help Cheryl fight her nightmares! Poor Cheryl is now facing injections that makes your sane mind, insane and despicable nurses that are hard to fight. In a way, Cheryl is fighting her own holy battle but it leaves us all in doubt if whether she would be able to live through it or will she be another victim of the sinful land of Riverdale?

Everyone in this episode has suffered so much…These young souls have become weak and there is no one to help them except themselves. The choices they have to make on their own is itself mental torture and it only makes us wonder whether they will be able to save themselves or not? Whether they will team up again to fight in the same cause or not? And whether they will be able to dodge the unfortunate obstacles that are constantly coming their way like free gifts.

Sadly, we have to wait for the next episode to get the answers to all those questions *sighs*

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~





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