Mini Review of Heize ‘Mianhae’ (Sorry) MV

I finally watched and listened to Heize’s song Mianhae which means Sorry in Korean and it kind of made me feeling low at the end. Mianhae is a song that speaks about not being able to suppress our feelings because us humans are so weak and delicate. The people around us tell us to hide our emotions; just like robots. To put on a smile no matter how hurt you’re inside, to be reserved and to just live the life like the way they have planned. Even if you try to speak your mind, eventually, you’ll be the only one to be in pain and for that, the one who is suffering is sorry because of the “inconvenience” they have caused. The girl is sorry for even being alive and she’s sorry for being sad and helpless and sick to the core. She keeps saying sorry because she doesn’t want us to leave her, she wants us to stay and she promises to refrain herself from displaying her unfathomable emotions.

The song does depress you and you kind of just sit there for a while and stare at the screen with a blank mind and upset heart. The song is meaningful and gives a message to the people out there that this world is turning cruel by each passing day. That you need a damn permission to let out your feelings and your thoughts and that the one who is distressed is to be sorry for being how they are or have become. At first, you might think the MV is creepy but as the song progresses and as you get to know the lyrics, it’s plain agonizing. Heize is shown as being a humanoid in progress. Although robots can’t feel anything, this particular one somehow does and even thought we can’t see any pain on her face, we can feel that she’s going through so much torture every single day. She’s being created unwillingly, and she clearly doesn’t seem too happy about it. Finally, when she’s done, she’s been kept in glass box as a display for the world to see what the scientists have finally achieved; an Humanoid named Heize. The audience are taking photos and all but Heize doesn’t like it and neither can she do anything to save herself from the world outside. She sits there, doing nothing and its just so painfully poetic that our hearts begin to shrink. And as the MV comes to an end, Heize the Humanoid cries (the feels…)

The slightly downtempo along with the beats of the drum and low keys of the piano accomplishes to give the listeners the true message the singer wants to convey. It’s a song that empathizes with people who can’t communicate their emotions and who’ve given up many times to do so in their life. I think Heize has done a great job in making the type of music that truly reaches the hearts and minds of the listeners. It’s a must listen to song but I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the MV again haha…

헤이즈 (Heize) – MIANHAE (Sorry) MV

Rating: 8/10

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