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Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep15 ‘There will be Blood’

*Beware of Spoilers*

In this episode of Riverdale, Archie finds out that his dad, Fred Andrews has decided to run for Mayor and he tries everything he is able to change his mind because he doesn’t want his dad to get involve further into the Lodges business like he has. Archie threatens Hiram that he will reveal everything that he has seen or heard so far (and he literally shows him the journal he had written everything in) to save his family from getting devoured by the Lodges, but Hiram assures him that whatever he is planning is for the good of Riverdale and Fred and Archie themselves. Veronica realizes that her relationship with Archie will shatter if she keeps on playing him like a chess piece and decides to keep away from Archie concerning any business matters. I think what Veronica did was right because Verchie is a more important relationship than the Lodges. Archie also asks for Josie’s assistance to help change his dad’s mind and the next thing we know, Sierra is attempting to divulge the pros and cons of being a Mayor (well, mostly the cons)

Betty finally starts to get suspicious of Chic regarding his strange behavior and who he really is. She asks for Kevin’s help on making Chic spill the beans, but it was for naught. However, when Chic refuses for the blood test to find out if he had the Blossom blood running in his veins or not, Betty somehow gets hold of a little of his blood (by searching the bin in his bathroom) and sends it to the Blossom’s lab. Polly comes back home with her twins for the will reading but she too gets a bizarre vibe from Chic (trust me, everyone gets a bizarre vibe from Chic) On the other hand, Hal asks Alice for divorce and in return he’ll give her the money the Coopers might receive from the Blossom inheritance.

When Polly leaves home, Chic cuts Polly’s part of the photograph too like he had done of Hal and gives this sinister smile while staring at his mom and sister who are smiling back at the camera. What’s his motive? What does he want with the Cooper family? Who does he want more? His mom or Betty? It’s all so mysterious. Chic is so super mysterious (Come on! End the mystery already!)

Jughead discovers by the help of Archie that Hiram Lodge is up to something big. He begins to investigate; asking people about Hiram and his doings but none of them open their mouth except two people; Hiram’s ex-driver and one of FP’s crony who is in Shawshank Prison where apparently Hiram was held before. With the information now in his grip, Jughead resolves to publish his well-written article from the Blue and Gold but Principal Wetherbee declines the proposal because it might put him and his students at risk (his thinking is right tough since he needs to see the safety of his students too and publishing an article about the Lodges is nowhere safe)

Penelope and Cheryl find out that her dad, Clifford Blossom left a secret will (I’m glad to know though that Clifford did leave a part of it for Cheryl because no matter how bad he was, he still loved his kids)
Cheryl asks Toni to be there as her emotional support and we all were actually waiting for a Teryl moment, weren’t we? I don’t know when that’ll happen, but I think that moment is right round the corner…

Unexpectedly enough, Clifford’s twin brother who Cheryl was completely unaware of, arrives. At first, he’s seen to be the opposite of Clifford but later, Cheryl overhears Penelope and Claudius discussing of perhaps killing Nana Blossom and Cheryl? Because Claudius does mention that they must set everything right.

After Hiram affirms to Fred his plan and after he simply disapproves of the idea and backs away from being Mayor (like Archie wanted) In the end, Hermione arbitrates to take on the Mayor role; promising Riverdale a better future. Surprisingly, Archie complies to do this painful and freakish tradition with Hiram Lodge of being one with them and by that I mean literally because now he can’t snitch, he can’t complain and theoretically, he’s now a Lodge since they spilled blood on the damn journal and Archie threw it in the fire; kindling the only proofs he had of Hiram Lodge being a wicked character (but we all ponder that perchance, this is another of Archie’s plan that he’s willing to risk and whether he has another copy of that journal or not as a leverage in case something goes wrong or Hiram and Archie don’t meet eye to eye?)

And just like Jughead says, ‘The Lodges have won.’

In my opinion, Riverdale is kind of loosing its touch to give its viewers what they really need. I don’t like all these political matters and I wish they would keep more to the teenage side than go to the adult’s side because it’s getting quite dull for my taste. I’m not saying that it isn’t interesting, I’m just saying that I want more of the tension and the riddle like the time of the Black Hood or Jason Blossom’s case.

Rating: 6/10

Peace neighbors

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