Mini Review of NCT 127 ‘Touch’ MV

NCT 127 is back with an 80’s style love song that melts every girls heart. This love song talks about how the guy feels comfortable around the girl and how her touch makes him tranquil and happy. The guy also tells her to stay because every time she touches him, he feels their love growing and he promises to give her his everything.

Touch is a soft and groovy song that makes you want to listen to it repeatedly. The 80’s-90’s beats and rhythms with a mix of rap and pop brings out the true emotions and gifts the listeners a cheerful and vibrant vibe. What I liked about the MV was the pastel backgrounds and the concept of playing tug of war. The idols don’t leave a chance to show their charismatic yet buoyant side of themselves. The choreography is simply yet smooth and jaunty. Watching the colorful MV, it made me feel mirthful because of the calmness it emitted. The members displayed their closeness which gave a diverse theme to this MV. They weren’t wild or bossy or filled with fired up eyes, instead, they presented themselves as the perfect, typical boyfriend (I think I like this version of them than the BOSS version which ultimately makes them daunting)

Furthermore, to capture NCTizens already melted hearts in a jar, they wore white shirts/T-shirts and blue jeans and in conclusion, that was the end of us all. It’s bewildering how Kpop idols pull off even the simplest of the fashion. The MV ended with the same jolly feeling that left us feeling jolly too~

NCT 127 엔시티 127 ‘TOUCH’ MV

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

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