Mini Review of Suho x Jane Jang ‘Do you have a moment’ MV

Unlike Dinner that talks about their bitter love, this song is about seeing each other for the first time and getting hesitant to confess to each other. The only piano tune gives a soft and delicate feature to the idols and its surroundings. They show the true feelings of a young and unexpected love and it hurts me to know that they are unaware of how their life is going to turn out later (which can be known by their song, ‘Dinner’)

Like I already said, Suho’s and Jane Jang’s vocals blend well together. The song gives you a slight cheerful feeling and maybe can even make you smile because it did for me (just looking and listening to Suho’s voice makes me happy) The setting is the same as ‘Dinner’ but with a bright and tender touch. It wants us to feel at ease and just hear the story of a couple who suddenly meet and fall in love at the first glance.

In this MV too, they avoid looking at one another but in the very end, they do look at each other and start a conversation that will eventually lead them to ‘Dinner.’

In my opinion, I liked ‘Dinner’ more because of its sour emotions and lyrics but I would give this song a listen whenever I want to feel soothed and just let myself cool down, you know.

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbors

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