Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer!!!!

And the Avengers trailers keep getting legendary! Believe me, I’m speechless and I’m dying out of utter excitement here. I don’t even know what to say anymore. It was just too awesome to not rewatch it again and again and again and again…I watched it the first time and I was like, mind blown and just squeezing my sisters hands as if she was a stress ball but the second time, I watched it alone and I noticed the things that I wasn’t able to notice the first time and the trailer got goshwow!

Seriously, what is with Marvel? How even? Marvel definitely marvels us.

There’s our Avengers, Black Panther, Guardian’s of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange!! It only makes it obvious that the movie is going to be lit and super duper hit!

Just so you know, my hearts still racing fervently.

Captain at the end looked so cool! Like he just freaking stopped Thanos from smashing his face…and I’m like, astounded (R.I.P my sister’s hand)

Let me just go and watch the trailer again because I can’t seem to get enough of it.
Oh, and one more thing, damn me to hell, Spider Man. I’m not sure whose fan I’m more of; Tom Holland or Spider Man?
It’s so difficult to choose, it’s like trying to choose between cheesecake and apple pie! (Ugh, the struggle)

Avengers: Infinity War is out in theaters on April 27!  

*Loudly screaming and jumping insanely)


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