NCT rocks the house with their epic group performance!

The whole of NCT (NCT U, NCT 127 AND NCT DREAM) had performed live on V Live on their song Black on Black. Their album is titled ‘Empathy’ which has new yet old-hit songs.

I never expected this day to come when the entire NCT would perform together on one amazing song. Their epic choreography and style lit the stage on fire!
We all know that NCT has a wild and fierce side to them and this time too, they made sure that we would get that message.
They have discreetly shown how much of great dancers they are and how much effort they have put in to make it as exceptional as possible.

I seriously can’t decide who I like more because each of them has captured my confused heart…(extreme life choices)

Black on Black is a song that speaks of the power and attitude the handsome group has. There isn’t much singing going on but the electro, house beats sure gets you partying at any time of the day!

I still have to watch it again, so I’ll do that and I suggest you should too because trust me, you don’t want miss it!

NCT 127 Touch & NCT – Black On Black [full HD]


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