Mini Review of Tomb Raider [2018]

“Death is not an adventure.”

Like everyone else, I’m a huge fan of Tomb Raider and obviously, I would’ve high expectations from the movie. Tomb Raider is about a story of a girl named Lara Croft who goes on an unexpected adventure to find his DOA dad who had left on a supernatural mission seven years ago to an uninhabited island called Yamatai that rests in the middle of the devil’s sea.

I went to the premiere last night and I kind of missed a little part from the beginning, but I had got the hang of what was going on. I was eager to find out if it was going to be just like the game or even better than that and I actually thought it was pretty good until…I started to get disappointed. Yes, I said it, it was not how and what I was expecting it to be. Tomb Raider is such an epic and unforgettable game and the movie should’ve been so much better or at-least similar to the game but I’m sorry to say, they ruined it. I mean, it wasn’t that bad, but neither was it good. It was an average movie with too much action for one’s mind to swallow in.

For one, I also felt that the plot was going too fast, too soon. There wasn’t enough time for the development of the characters and talking about characters, there weren’t any sub characters that were deemed important in the game! Where’s our Sam? Our Roth and my favorite, Alex? Ok, I might be asking for too much, but I’m just so frustrated right now that I can’t help it! The trailer gave me so much hope and, in the end, I got betrayed. There were some personality changes in the characters we already know but that doesn’t seem like a big issue to me (honestly, it does but if I complain too much, TR fans might curse me out)

There were scenes that were taken from the game but everything all happened so swiftly in the first half of the movie that in the second half, it all just became plain boring. It was not like I didn’t like the movie, the movie was interesting; it had the aspects of a Tomb raider and the Alicia Vikander’s performance was satisfactory too but the modifications of the minor parts that in fact, play the major roles wasn’t the dish I enjoyed. The story of Queen Himiko too was changed (drastically, at that) There was no Oni, no storm guards and they in effect, they mixed the two TR games in one. I felt that the pieces were kind of jumbled and could’ve gone well if they didn’t mix the parts and kept it as it was.

I liked the ending though because it clearly told us that they will be a sequel; another adventure! I seriously don’t know what to expect from the next part but I’m having my fingers crossed because I sense that this part was just a trial to see how the viewers who don’t know TR as much as we gamers do, react. Some of you might enjoy the movie to its full extent, some of you might have the same problem mingling it as I did and we can’t even say that it’s the best movie out there right now but it did give us a good watch and maybe, I would recommend it to all those who love a little adventure or are hectic TR fans (just don’t expect much good reviews from the fans, that’s all)

Rating: 6/10

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