Mini Review of Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ MV

I don’t fancy Taylor Swift, but I do like her songs. This one didn’t get to me much nonetheless, it was a good listen the second time around. The song speaks about a not-so-serious relationship, but the girl thinks otherwise. She starts to like the guy in a different way, in a more serious way but thinks that mentioning this delicate subject might ruin what they already have going on.

The lyrics were repetitive, but the breakbeats dominate it; catching the listeners ears for a while. The concept was that Tay-Tay; who is always surrounded by her guards and who isn’t able to do anything freely, magically becomes invisible for a while. Realizing that, she seizes the moment and does the little, silly things that make her happy. I’m not a great dancer but I still can judge her dancing, right? Well…I don’t know if she did on purpose or if she really can’t dance but no offence, I kind of got annoyed by her moves. However, there is no cavil in her facial performances. She acted well, and he showed her cute and carefree side of herself that makes the MV enjoyable to watch.

I wasn’t expecting this from Swift because her songs are always so euphonious and inviting.

Rating: 5/10

Peace neighbors

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