My Goal

I have a simple goal and that is to become a successful blogger and writer.

Its not much to ask but I’m giving it my all to accomplish this and I’m fortunate to have my family’s support as well.

Reaching a goal isn’t easy as many people think. You need dedication, will power and most of all, patience.

Yes, it also needs money but like its said, to gain you must sacrifice.

But money isn’t the problem, of course. Its our mind set and stubbornness that will take us to our ultimate goal.

Months may pass; heck, maybe years too but trust me, your hard work will pay off. The time you lost will be like ashes and nothing more. Just don’t give up because if you do, you won’t be able to say goodbye to those ashes. You will feel empty and regret and stuck and it’s better to lose some sleep than to lose your happiness, right?

I myself have very little patience but because I know that the place I must reach is a long and tiring journey, I’m all up and ready to take on whatever comes my way! Be it sleepless nights, no friends and family time, no movie nights and no vacation.

Just. Don’t. Give. Up.

I know you can do it because I’m doing it too. Its a simple goal yet we have to struggle because what is life if you easily get everything? There’s no fun in that. The real fun lies in the wait and the effort you‘ve put in. The real fun lies in the treat you treat yourself after your eventual success.

So, what’s your goal and are you ready to walk the uneven paths?


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