Mini Review of Suho X Jane Jang’s ‘Dinner’ MV

The moment I listened to this song, the moment I played it and Jane started singing, I liked it, but I got to love the song when Suho began singing. The music is light yet there’s something in it that lingers around for a while and you can’t seem to understand this strange emotion but there’s something about it that makes you want to listen to it again. The song is about a couple who live their life in a compromise sort of way. Their life becomes repetitive and neither of them communicate their thoughts or feelings. There’s also a bit of a misunderstanding between the pair but they keep on living like that without making anything right. And because they’re living together but not really talking or looking into each other’s eyes, the pair feel lonely.

I like the story plot, theme and concept of the MV and I think the serious and cold side makes Suho even more attractive. This is the first time I’m listening to Jane Jang and I love her voice. Suho’s and Jane’s vocalization truly sparked the entire song and the way they adjusted their vocals to match each other’s notes elated the emotions in the song. I really needed a Suho in a suit right now and damn, have I fallen for him or what? His bursting with beauty and just for him, I repeat, just. For. Him, I will rewatch the MV as many times as I can until I tire myself out! (am I a huge Suho fan? I guess you could say that)

The MV is poetic with a touch of aestheticism. The piano alongside the light beats emerges with the song and the lyrics and gives you a type of addiction to it; it controls you but doesn’t touch your mind because it wants you to create its story by yourself. It’s dinner time and Jane is seen waiting for someone. The same thing happens the next day. But even if Suho’s there for dinner (and I literally screamed when I first saw him) the two of them don’t look at each other. It’s as if the latter doesn’t exist at all. Then its shown that Suho is now alone at the dinner table, drinking wine by himself (I’m just one phone call away, Suho)  And their hostility continues until the very end of the MV which means, that there might not be any progress in their love life because of their own ego and until one of them starts talking over a plate of steak and red wine, their dinner will always be a lonely one.

Rating: 9/10

Peace neighbors

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