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Mini Review of GOT7’s ‘Look’ MV

GOT7 is back with a beautiful song that captures the hearts of every young girls like me. Being honest, I didn’t feel much excitement listening to it the first time but when I listened to it again for the review, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is such a great song.’ I keep waiting for GOT7 to make their comeback and it’s great to see them all again with new style and looks. The song is about the guy who kept telling the girl to look at him only and no one else because he loves her and will take care of her even if no one else will. It’s a song that’s supposed to be play after the confession to firm the declaration of your love.

The MV was the typical GOT7 themed MV which gives you all of them while also giving each of them (if you know what I mean) The idols look super handsome and I particularly liked JB’s new hairstyle. The rhythm in the beginning might not get to you at first but trust me, it will the second time on. The EDM and R&B style music gets your head bobbing to and fro. Bam Bam’s rap is ever so soulful and it’s just like you want to keep hearing his unique voice. The song keeps progressing to become better and better.

The choreography is fast and potent with perfect synchronization and style. I like the starry sky concept of the MV because it gives off this vibe of love and calmness. I also loved Jun Young’s and Yugeoum’s duo choreography because the pair is uncommon, and you don’t really get to see Jin Young dance so much or appear side by side with another dancer. But then my sister reminded me that Jin Young himself is a choreographer so perhaps we can presume that he arranged the dance steps? In the end, Jin Young and Jackson are seen running towards the girl, but she slowly starts to back away from them as if something is stopping her from looking at them. And then the MV ends with the girl closing her eyes and Mark turning into a cute white pigeon and it’s looking right at us…Okay, I didn’t expect that, and I don’t know what to perceive by that but I’m just going to ignore that part and wait for someone to theorize it. Anyway, should we then assume that the girl is dead because to me it somehow feels like she did. I have a feeling a second MV is on its way to help us understand better…But of course, it’s just my feeling so don’t ponder too much over what I said unless you yourself feel it’s fitting.

I tend to love some of GOT7’s songs the second time and this one comes into that category. They have all done a good work on composing this heart warming and sweet-tempered piece of music that it becomes a song you can’t miss hearing.

Rating: 8/10

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