Mini Review of Heize ‘Didn’t Know Me’ MV

This is probably my first or second time listening to Heize’s song and I instantly got connected with it. The song ‘Didn’t Know Me’ is about a guy who leaves the girl because of her resentful attitude towards her but after their breakup, she realizes that it’s not his fault that he left her and that she’s the worst. She regrets the way she treated him and asks for him to come back. She thought she was the one getting hurt by him but instead, it was him who got more hurt by her.

The composition was serene and gave a rainy day feel to it. The softness of the tunes and Heize’s beautiful voice gives an emotion to this piece of music. The MV is about a girl and a boy who are in the same field of acting yet the girl is already well-known while the boy is struggling to reach his goal. He recalls the happy moments when they were together and on the other side, the girl seems to be missing him too. The once lively atmosphere is now just a dull painting without the girl by his side. He calls her but because she’s busy, she doesn’t pick up the call. He suddenly seems to feel out of place while being with her. Then as he enacts a scene about a couple fighting, he remembers the time when a similar thing happened to the two lovers; he breaks up with her no matter how much she tries to stop and she’s left crying alone in her apartment. Back to present, he sees the poster of his girl modelling for a magazine not properly stuck to the wall. However, he sets the poster right, stares at it for a few moments before walking away. When he gets back home, he watches her interview and makes a funny face which the two of them often used to make.

The ending really gave my heart a squeeze. The video itself is sad and sympathetic and we gradually begin to realize that not all love stories turn into a happy ending; some of them just aren’t meant to be. I’m actually going to make an attempt and listen to more of Heize’s songs because I honestly loved this one. The MV depresses me but I could surely watch it again if I have to because of its neat story plot.

Heize – Didn’t Know Me MV

Rating: 8/10

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