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Mini Review of Supernatural S13 Ep15 ‘A Most Holy Man’

“You think we could every change things? I mean, really change things? You know, stop all the monsters, all the bad?”

This week’s episode had this completely different vibe about it unlike any of their previous ones. The noir theme and music really got me engaged throughout the episode.

Dean and Sam try to track the needed ingredient; the blood of a most Holy Man, to rescue Mary and Jack from the other side to a black market of religious relics. The Winchester brothers meet a mediator who tells them that they could find what they are looking for with Greenstreet; an English relic collector (for me, he seemed to be the most annoying character of all)

However, things don’t usually go as easily for the Winchesters, right? Greenstreet tells them that he will only give them the blood if they get him what he wants; the skull of St. Peter that had been stolen from Malta a few days ago. Now why would anyone want that hunk of a junk, I’ll never know but Dean and Sam agree to do it since they couldn’t afford to buy the blood.

With some hints and clues, they pursue the thief who stole the skull but surprisingly, find him dead in the hotel room. They are then met with a fake cop who is seen searching for the skull as well, but Dean and Sam become unable to catch him. Scarpati’s guys; another of the relic collector, unwillingly brings the boys to his abode and offers them a deal they can’t refuse; they get the skull for him and he’ll give them enough money to buy the blood of a Holy man. Dean thinks it’s a good idea and agrees to do it. Now, they are involuntarily sandwiched between two relic collectors who want the skull when suddenly, things take a little twist.

Dean and Sam somehow go back to the hotel room to collect clues when suddenly (and trust me, I flinched) someone whacks Sam’s head and takes off with the clue Sam found. Dean also asks if Sam is alright or not because he’s been getting hit on the head a lot these few episodes. When again suddenly, they here someone scream and run to find out that it was the supposed guy who had attacked Sam; so much for stealing and running.

But, not all guys who attack are bad guys. Apparently, the person who attacked Sam is a father who arrived her from Malta for the St. Peter’s skull as well. He says that that skull means much to his village and that he was losing his mind trying to find it. Dean and Sam here his story and lecture about doing something rash for something they love and eventually, Sam decides to help this Padre.

The three of them, with the help of the clue, track the person who a deserted place where seemingly, the unofficial auction of St. Peter’s skull was taking place. We find out that the person who attacked Padre, was the fake cop and he was working for the mediator. As per the plan, Sam interferes the auction and says that he’s here to buy the skull for himself. However, Greenstreet seems like the main villain because he orders the fake cop to kill the mediator for a hundred million dollars. In greed, the fake cop shoots her and there occurs a shootout where Scarpati and his guys and the fake cop lose their lives. Greenstreet discloses that he doesn’t have the Holy man’s blood and that he just shamelessly used them. Greenstreet is arrested by the cops and Padre gets his skull back.

Everyone’s leaves off happy, fortunately, so do Sam and Dean. In a casual conversation before Padre’s leave, they find out that Padre is the most holy man. Allegedly, that title was given to him by the Pope himself for the good works he has done. One down, three to go. And with the Holy man’s blood, they get back to the bunker.

Sam, however, shares his feelings to Dean whether they will be able to stop this apocalypse or not? Whether they will be able to keep fighting monsters and keep saving people or not and as a big brother, Dean answers that he has faith in them both. For the first time, I felt that Dean really believes in something now and that perhaps he might start praying again. Faith does that, you know. Change people for the good.

Oh! And I can’t wait for the next episode, Scooby-natural, here we come!

Rating: 8/10

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