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Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep14 ‘The Hills Have Eyes’

“What would you know about it? You’ve never known love, Cheryl, except to rip it apart. Cause you are a jealous, spite-filled, starving, emotional anorexic.”

*Beware of spoilers*

This episode was like…More in the room than outside the room.

In ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ episode, Hiram Lodge suggests Veronica and Archie to spend some time in their lake house, additionally suggesting taking Betty and Jughead with them as a great couple’s weekend. However, Hiram does spill to Archie that a meeting is to be held at Pembrooke regarding Poppa Poutine’s wake and that he doesn’t think it’s safe for Veronica to be here. Archie promises to keep Mr. Lodge to keep her safe and sound.

Before leaving, Jughead meets Chic and gets a weird vibe from him and clearly tells Betty to keep a watch out for him.

Before their lovely weekend even begins, Cheryl Bombshell discloses to Jughead that Archie and Betty had kissed in front of her house. Nonetheless, both reveal their hidden feelings and thoughts and become Bughead again (I’m happy but I still think Betty and Archie are the perfect pair) And to make the tarry equal, Veronica suggests that he and Jughead kiss. It was just a simple kiss but despite that, Archie feels ill at ease.

The two couples spend quite a time together; and by that, I mean a really good time together but after finding out the fact that Hiram Lodge bought both the Trailer Park and the Register, there is a conflict that could’ve turned nasty if not for a gang of amateur masked thieves who intrude the Lodge Lodge.

The thieves only take Veronica’s wallet but instead of leaving, one of the thief tries to hurt one of them. For Archie, the black hood memories flash in front of him as he stares in the thief’s eyes and if it wasn’t for the emergency siren, Archie would have protected them all because of the regret he still feels of being helpless at the time when black hood put a gun on his head. Upon hearing the sirens, the thief’s try to run away but Archie instinctively follows one of them till the woods. Archie would’ve given him a punch or two but Andre; the horrible spy takes the matters in his hand. Archie runs back to the Lodge but midway hears a gunshot. Andre mercilessly kills the thief.

The four friends forget their offensive dispute and are glad to be safe and unhurt.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Josie finds out that the Mayor and Sheriff Keller and getting closer than ever and that both are getting a divorce from their spouses. Angry and hurt and disapproved by the decision her mom made that is not only ruining her life but Kevin’s as well, Josie reveals this hazardous subject to Kevin who immediately confronts his dad. Josie’s mom isn’t too happy with what she did and so Josie apologizes to Kevin. The two of them then decide to properly sit and have a mature discussion with their parents. Hopefully, all goes well even though I don’t support the Mayor and the Sheriff…

Cheryl’s part turned out to be a quite a twist for me. She is still enraged and disabled to do anything about her mother’s sexual performances in their own house. Her mom also remarks her as a loveless creature and that only deepens Cheryl’s pain and sadness. At Riverdale High she attempts to be her usual self but Toni, the southside serpent who Cheryl immensely hates, sees right through her. Toni speaks good words but being the vicious being Cheryl is, she doesn’t see the kindness in her until when for the first time she is alone at the Bijou with no one to spend the time with; like her mother said, a loveless creature.

The characters; Kevin and Josie and Cheryl and Toni are seen being at the Bijou and watching this Gay movie that Kevin wanted to see with Moose, but Moose had other plans with Midge, so Kevin simply backed out.

After the movie, Toni and Cheryl sit at Pop’s while in the background, Kevin, Josie, Mayor Mccoy and Sheriff Keller are having their family talk time. The movie at the Bijou had quite an impact on Cheryl because no sooner had she let the cat out of the bag that she wasn’t loveless, that once she had loved someone too. A girl named Heather. Now, how would this sudden revelation turn out between Toni and Cheryl? Will Cheryl get together with a southside serpent or will she be her old, apathetic self and lose this one chance of being in love again?

This episode had its twists and turns and ups and downs and no doubt, it’s surprises but I think it was a special episode for Cheryl because she got the chance to let out her feelings and change her attitude for once. Bughead and Varchie’s relationship has strengthened and perhaps, Sheriff Keller and Mayor Mccoy’s will too if the two kids calmly agree to it. I still wonder though what Hiram Lodge is up to; gradually buying whole of Riverdale. Is he the biggest villain of all? Is his kindness and softness just a façade? And what will Betty do with the monster she has brought in her life? The monster named, Chic.

Rating: 6/10

Peace neighbors

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