Mini Review of MAMAMOO ‘Star Wind Flower Sun’ MV

Unlike Starry Sky that talks about a shattered relationship, this song is a confession to him. She tells him that he’s the Star Wind Flower and Sun to her life, that the memories they share make her smile at her weak times. But there’s also a conflict whether the boy really likes her or not, nonetheless, she composes this song as her confession of love. She tries to tell her feelings through this song.

The euphony directly touches my heart. The MV begins with a recording of them merrily singing this song on a beach and at the intervals, the recorded videos of them just having a good time are shown to display a sort of meaning relating to the song. Most of the time, they sing while walking on the beach with no truer expression than to confess. Their voices reach the depths of my soul and the aria calmed me down a little. The tune itself helps us forget everything for a while and just listen to the beautiful vocalizations.

I have realized that watching the MV kind of makes you smile a little. It’s those little things that make this MV catching. At the end of the MV, they all cheerfully run to the ocean because they finally conveyed the message they truly wanted to share. It’s the relief and the happiness at the end that’s important after you make the confession.

Although I loved Starry Night more, this song takes me in a state where I could peacefully sleep. MAMAMOO has done a really good job of composing such great music for their Moo Moo’s.

“You are my Star Wind Flower Sun”

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbors

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