Mini Review of Jung Ilhoon’s ‘She’s Gone’ MV

She’s Gone is the title track of the solo debut album titled, ‘Big Wave’ released by BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon. The song is about Ilhoon’s girlfriend who leaves him perhaps for another guy? But he says that’s he’s alright with it, that he’s going to endure the pain anyway and live his life to the fullest now instead of mopping over her. He also tells that she’s evil and that he’s now set free from the prison he was living in. He alleviates himself by saying that he escaped himself because she had messed up herself. The song has a combined feeling of love and animosity and he can’t help feeling that way now that she’s gone. Nevertheless, he tells her to live well, to not regret her decision, to take care of her herself and with a final goodbye, he tells her that he loves her.

This song and MV could’ve gone slow and tragic but since our Ilhoon is a rapper, he’s not going to make us cry. Instead, he induced it with an up-beat, country-rock concord that just makes your head bob to the rhythm and forget that it’s an unhappy song of a lover boy. In the video, Ilhoon is seen being carefree and enjoying his time with his friends showing that he has already gotten over her. We see no tears or breaking of the walls or a dark cloud hanging above his head, but we do see the breaking of a beer bottle and that’s only natural, isn’t it? He also shows his frustration by playing shooting games in an arcade.

I liked Ilhoon’s style, attitude and his insouciant vibe. As the song slowly comes to an end, there’s the clapping of the hands as if it was an anthem. An anthem for all those who lose their girls like him. A goodbye anthem you could say.

I liked the MV because of its dark rooms and alleys, smoking gas, awesome background dancers and our very own Ilhoon being Ilhoon. It’s a song that just lifts even the most dejected man. The perfect song that can be listened to when you’ve just broke up.

She’s Gone MV

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

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