Mini Review of Camila Cabello’s ‘Never Be the Same’ MV

I heard this song a few weeks ago and I totally love it and seeing that Camila released an official video of it, I got hyped up and running. It’s absolutely my type of song because it speaks of a painful, difficult kind of love. A one-sided love but not really one sided.

The music video is a montage of recorded footages of a lazy-in-bed style Camila in a hotel room. She is seen wearing couture in aesthetic and professional environments. She has this messy hair and slightly exhausted look that really allures the viewers gazes. Her voice is beautiful; her high and low tones gave us the meaning she was trying to convey of pain and desperation. The beats of the drums give a strong vibe and the mid-tempo and R&B rhythms make this song a hit to the ears; It just sticks there in your mind like art.

I can’t help but feel that Camila and Selena have much in common; perhaps its their style of music or the aspects that makes me want to compare.

Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

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