Mini Review of J-Hope’s Airplane MV

The song is lit! The MV is lit! J-Hope is super lit!

Hope’s new song called the Airplane is about a dream that he has already achieved and that’s being able to fly an airplane. It also tells us about the people who are jealous of his triumph and how he doesn’t care nonetheless he will be too kind to give them a ride in the sky.

I love the theme, the lyrics and J-Hope’s swagness! I loved the MV for its sceneries and effects. This song has a completely different vibe from Daydream. The beats and the tunes turned out to be a perfect recipe for an afternoon playlist.

J-hope surely didn’t give us a chance to be disappointed in this one. And J-hope with the bucket hat is just too much for me to take in…Although there wasn’t any choreography in it; given that he’s an ultimate dancer, the video still emitted the emotions and the statement he wanted to confess. Well, who said dancers must dance, right?

And oh my gosh…can someone tell me which car is that? Because I’m certainly dying to know which brand of car that was! Plus, it suits J-Hope’s style and attitude and perhaps the announcement of his power is declared quite cleverly. From the beginning J-Hope is shown holding some kind of a chain; as in for good luck or something, however, eventually, he lets go of it meaning that he doesn’t need good luck now that he has accomplished his goal.

Overall, I loved the MV and the lyrics. I’m proud of what J-Hope has composed even without his members.

Rating: 4/5

Peace neighbors

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