Review of The Walking Dead S8 Ep10 ‘The Lost and The Plunderers’

What do you think he meant? Did he want us to stop fighting…the Saviors? Just surrender to Negan?

This week’s episode was super gory, and I liked it because hell, I like me some gore. The previous episode was rather boring, however, this one was picking up the pace. Rick and Michonne decide to finally leave Alexandria although Michonne doesn’t want to because of the memories Carl left behind. It’s plainly clear that the once flourished Alexandria is now gone for good. I’m not saying it in a bad way, but the fact is so evident that whichever place Rick goes, he destroys it or does something that gets it destroyed. Nonetheless, he just might have a bad karma, that’s all. I feel sad for Rick though; the losses he has suffered. Michonne too has showed such remorse and anger, it’s almost too empathetic. Michonne then sees that Carl wrote a letter to Negan as well. Rick is confused as to what Carl really meant but whatever Carl meant or wants his father to do, he’s adamant on killing Negan, that’s for sure. Nothing will be change his mind. Not even his son’s letter.

I like the concept of showing each group P.O. V’s. It gives a dramatic feeling and surely kept me engaged.

Aaron and Enid are in a conflict with Oceanside; Aaron wants them to help them fight the Saviors, but the Oceanside ladies refuse to do so. They capture the two of them and decide to kill them because Enid shoots Cyndie’s Grandma but Cyndie, being a sound and reasonable person, let’s them go. Before leaving, Enid lectures Cyndie about killing anyone they see. That she should know the difference between friends and enemies. It was a good move though because now Cyndie could ponder over her choices. Aaron, however, tells Enid to go and inform Maggie while he would stay here and pursue the Oceanside to help them. Enid refuses at first but Aaron assures her that he will be okay. I like the whole Aaron/Enid relationship and the promises even though they aren’t close but the few days they have spent together have made them feel protective of each other. I wonder how Enid will react when she finds out about Carl…

Negan receives the package Maggie sends him which only makes Simon over-react, but Negan tells him to stay put and to do what he has been told to do! I definitely don’t like Negan when he’s angry because when he’s angry, he unthinking picks up Lucille and just smacks as if someone had thrown the ball and he had to hit strike.

I think the whole base of this episode was on Jadis; the Garbage people. Because of their betrayal to the Saviors, Simon desperately wants to kill them, but Negan strictly tells him to just take their ammunitions, kill one of them to get everyone on line and come back. That’s it. Because Negan knows that the Garbage people are his resources but, like any other season, this season too has an annoying character who takes matters into his own hands and who thinks that he’s the boss of everything and that person is Simon. Ugh, I hate him so much. Every time he comes on the screen, I just wish I could shoot him but instead I pray that he dies soon because 1) He thinks he can do anything his way and 2) He thinks he’s Negan. At first, Simon talks about a deal; that Jadis should gift an apology, give their ammunitions and they are free to live. But Simon’s aggression gets the best of him and things turn upside down for Jadis. Simon kills everyone who is in the dump except Jadis and heads back to Sanctuary.

Rick wants to meet Jadis because she has guns and people but the moment he reaches the dump, they are met with more than a dozen walkers; all of whom were Jadis’ people. Fortunately, they get to a higher ground and meet Jadis who is in a white satin gown and who looks as messed up and Rick. And what surprised me was that she speaks good English! I mean, why would she hide it? Why did everyone in the dump talk like they don’t know English?

Anyway, she tells Rick to help her but now that Rick saw that she has no guns and no people, he coldly declines to do so saying that he’s fed up of her games. Michonne and Rick somehow make their way towards the only entrance of the dump. Jadis follows them but Rick stops her by shooting a bullet over her head. The walkers try to surround her, but she escapes.

Rick confesses to Michonne that he didn’t want her to die, rather he just wanted her gone, as in out of sight or lost.

Unwillingly, Jadis had to kill her own people by luring them towards the Meat mincer. One by one, the walkers fall in the mincer and come out as piles of fresh meat. Ew…. right? Jadis saw her loved ones die and I felt the such sadness for her. Yes, she might have double-crossed a few times, but she doesn’t deserve such punishment. Before the end of her P.O.V, the anguished Jadis is shown eating a can of apple sauce. I couldn’t take that in because after seeing crushed walkers, who would have the appetite to eat anything? Guess she does and for a moment, she seemed to have something going on in her mind, as in a revenge?

Rick stops his vehicle and asks Michonne to give him some time because his mind is filled with so many thoughts that’s distracting him from making the right decisions. He reads the letter Carl wrote to Negan and calls him via the Walkie-Talkie. Negan quickly answers, and Rick informs him of Carl’s death. Negan is filled with sympathy because he certainly liked the kid. Besides, Negan did say that he doesn’t kill Women and Children so it’s only fair he would feel that way. Negan says a few words regarding Carl and how he could have changed everything but keeping his sympathetic talks aside, Rick declares that he would kill him. That he must die. Negan tells him to not do anything shitty because people are losing their lives, and because of his shitty decisions, Carl died. That because he wasn’t there for Carl, he couldn’t protect him or any of the people he lost and that he should give up because he has already lost the war.

I thought the ending was a bit too nice for Negan and anti for Rick. I mean, sure he feels sad for Carl but that doesn’t make him the good guy now, does it?

I liked this episode for its aggression, sympathy and empathy but they really should stop showing Negan being a good guy and lecturing Rick for his mistakes. He’s probably just provoking him but still, if they show Negan having even a little of being humane, many would be indecisive about killing him and we don’t want that, do we? A villain needs to die, and Negan is the villain no matter what he says or do that makes the viewers go, ‘aww.’

Rating: 4/5

Peace neighbors

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