Mini Review of NCT U ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ MV

Hallelujah! I never thought I would see Ten and Taeyong together in an MV. They both unequivocally look mesmerizing *_*

I swear if I kept this MV on repeat, I would’ve an uncontrollable nose bleed…

The MV starts with a rather up and off beat tune that instantly makes your body groove. Taeyong and Ten have the look of Taemin’s ‘Move’ and for Ten, that image particularly fits him the best. Although, Taeyong is ever so handsome in anything he carries. The lyrics starts from Ten who with his smooth moves makes girls fall head over heels for him and then comes the best part. The ‘Stop, baby don’t stop’ melody that captures everyone’s attention. I certainly can’t forget that tune and it keeps on repeating in my head like a broken record. The way they sing in a whisper really gets to the listeners (at-least it got me)

The choreography is sleek and quite difficult but the duo have undoubtedly pulled it off amazingly. I love Taeyong’s voice and the way he raps is just so unique. It’s fun to hear the two of them singing and channeling together. Although Ten doesn’t dance as freely as Taeyong, he has his own charisma and style and that’s what makes him, him.

And then comes the damning moment. Shirtless Taeyong and Ten with black suits. What else do we need to make this a better day, huh? I do have to say that for me, Taeyong was the ultimate highlight. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Over all, I loved the MV, the song and I’m in love with NCT even more because they have grown up to be such talented men, I’m proud to be a NCTizen!

Rating: 4/5


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