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Mini Review of NCT Dream ‘Go’ MV

Finally, the MV I have been so eagerly waiting for has arrived! I had my expectations and I have to say, they didn’t disappoint me. NCT Dream had been such adorable kids but in this new MV, they have literally changed into something wild and captivating. The members show an enthusiastic and energetic side of them that is much likely empathetic with the kids of this generation.

The MV begins with an alluring gaze of Mark’s and a robotic tune that immediately catches our attention. However, when Haechan begins to sing, our attention is held there for quite some time. I like the concept and the theme of the MV as it shows how teenagers are these days; uncaring, free and young. The power filled choreography makes the junior idols handsome and I’m sure that the young ladies out there must have fallen for their sexy charismatic looks! The trap tones clearly balances well with their influential harmonies.

The members sang so well and hearing their voices is like eating your favorite apple pie. I particularly loved Haechan’s voice and his high notes.
Surprisingly, they show a new set of skills in the MV that makes the viewers go, ‘OH!!’; cycle stunts!
Also, I couldn’t help but notice how alike Jaemin looks with Luhan. Or perhaps, it’s just me.

The entire MV was lively and it didn’t leave a gap for me to get bored. I’ve definitely fell hard for NCT Dream and for me, Jisung was a bias wrecker.

Rating: 4/5

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