Mini Review of SF9 MAMMA MIA MV

I have loved all of SF9’s songs since the minute I joined their fandom. Each of their songs is unique and fun to watch and listen to. Their latest song, MAMMA MIA, has once more succeeded in capturing my attention. I must confess that I keep forgetting their names and in each of their MV’s they appear so diverse, yet I love them, and I promise I’ll try and remember their names now.

Since the very beginning of the MV, we realize that the video is going to be entertaining and the song, up-beat. The tune that lifts the entire song slightly reminds me of ABBA (Just slightly) and with the tint of Korean pop in it, it’s just a perfect cup of hot chocolate on a winter night.

My bias from SF9 is Taeyang and he reminds me so much of Shinee’s Jonghyun (I still talk about him with my sister and get sad) But he has got this strange charm in him even while his hair is dyed colorful. The chorus is especially catchy, and the choreography doesn’t seem too difficult to learn given that it’s SF9. Though, we still see some powerful moves from our fantastic dancer, Taeyang.

As far as I can tell, the concept is about a town having happy-go-lucky people with crazy thoughts and that something or the other happens all the time. And in the end, it’s shown that their craziness will never stop. That’s what I perceived so forgive me and right me if I’m wrong.

Over all, I loved the song, the MV and the theme of it all. It’s a must listen song and no matter how many times I play it, it never gets bored. It’s the same with all of their songs I have listened to until now. SF9 is a wonderful boyband that make amazing songs and you all should definitely give it a listen, okay?

Rating: 5/5


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