Mini Review of Supernatural S13 Ep14 ‘Good Intentions’

In my opinion, this episode was somewhat interesting. Donatello, the Prophet of God, eventually cracks the spell needed from the demon tablet. He mentions the ingredients needed; one of which are the hearts of Gog and Magog; The worst creatures God had ever made. I was particularly excited when they mentioned Gog and Magog and was looking forward to how they imagined them as. Sam and Donatello stay in the bunker to gather the rest of the ingredients. Meanwhile, Zachariah, Michael’s ally is trying to make Jack open the rift to our world but to no avail. Michael throws Jack in a cell and there, to his surprise, he meets Mary Winchester. She is slightly taken aback by Jack’s maturity like we all were and the two of them join hands and escape from the prison. Michael gets angry and I hate angry Michael because he looks so scary.

Castiel and Dean come to place where they could find Gog and Magog and by Castiel’s enochian call, they meet them face to face. Dean and Castiel show their awesome fighting skills and with quite easily kill them. But only to find out that they are creatures created of sand and dust which means, they don’t have hearts, and which means that Donatello had sent them here on purpose to kill them. It’s no surprise what a demon tablet could do to a person without a soul. Donatello snaps and attacks Sam, who after much struggle locks him up in a room. They try to speak nicely to Donatello but none of their kindness gets to them and he uses his magic to choke Dean.

In the other world, Mary and Jack suddenly meet Bobby Singer who takes them to safety. Mary and Bobby share a few good talks but once she spills that Jack is a Nephilim, Bobby strictly tells her that he should be gone by morning because he doesn’t trust Angels or Demons since the time they betrayed them when all Hell’s broke loose. However, Michael’s army find out Jack’s whereabouts and invade Bobby’s abode. Regardless Bobby’s cold attitude towards Jack, he couldn’t just hide and see the people and children die. So, he kills Zachariah who attacks Mary and then some more intruding Angels. Bobby could only thank him for his help and Jack here decides to finally kill Michael to stop this chaos.

Castiel takes the matter in his hands. He goes inside Donatello’s head to get the real spell and ingredients needed to open the gate. All goes well, except Donatello is now in living by machines. Castiel reveals that Donatello was corrupted and that he was unwillingly working for Asmodeous. Having no time to waste, Castiel lists the ingredients needed; The grace of an Archangel. A fruit from the Tree of Life. The Seal of Solomon, and the blood of the ‘Most Holy Man.’ Are we in for some adventure here? Dean and Sam doubt their journey ahead but Castiel is adamant on doing it to bring Jack and Mary home and to defeat Lucifer and Michael.

“It’s like you said, Dean. Whatever it takes.”

I loved this episode and like I always say, I’m eagerly waiting for next week to come quickly! They are making this show so gripping, I seem to can’t get enough of it. I was happy to finally see Mary’s and Jack’s point of view because they had been missing for a few episodes already. And the return of Bobby Singer was quite a surprise for me since I had forgotten that he did show up in the previous season. How will Dean, Sam and Castiel gather these ingredients? And will they be on time to bring Jack and Mary home safely? Or will they have to face Michael and his army in a war that Castiel thinks is eventual?

Rating: 4/5

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