Mini Review of Supernatural S13 Ep 13 ‘Devil’s Bargain’

“Hail to the king, baby.”

I know I’m super late to review this episode, but I was busy with my family and I didn’t have much time on my hands. However, you could say that it’s never too late to review this episode since it’s still ‘this week’ and hey, sometimes I am busy too, okay? So, without further ado, let’s get reviewing baby!

This week’s episode was all about our open-enemy Lucy. He got quite the screen-time and I’m not complaining because I so very much like Lucifer’s character. He’s funny, sarcastic and sadistic in a way. That’s my cup of coffee right there. Dean, Sam and Castiel are on the hunt for Lucifer who meanwhile makes a deal with an unpopular Angel called Anael a.k.a Sister Jo the local Faith healer. The deal was that she would help him, and he would help her. So, she gradually keeps giving him her grace and gradually Lucifer gets stronger. On the other hand, Asmodeous is getting closer to finding Jack who is stuck with Mary on the other Universe. However, Prophet of God, Donatello tries to read the demon tablet to open up the rift to the other side (and damn those chicken buckets) Oh, and did I forget to mention that our Brit men of Letters, yes, Ketch saves the Winchesters again from Lucifer who tortures them for old times sake? Well, another surprise is in for you mate, apparently Ketch is working for Asmodeous. Yeeesh. Both are quite annoying, aren’t they? But it was such an unexpected twist…

I liked this episode because of Lucifer’s seldom moments of human realizations but alas, it only lasted for a while. Though, I would’ve liked it if he felt more human in a few more episodes. As always, Dean, Sam and Castiel are together to hunt the Devil but this time, with Ketch. You know how Dean feels about him, right? Well, guess how the episode went with the two of them together then. Trust issues, yeah. I do wonder though if he still regrets all the mistakes he has made or if he just acts like he does in front of the Winchesters?

The businesswoman Anael is on Lucifer’s side and eventually, he is now sitting in heaven on a throne while the others bow down to him because he says that he can create more Angels. Now, I don’t believe how the Angels believed that shit but for now, I’m gonna put that aside and just tell you that we have a new character coming up in the next episode and that’s…. *Drums rolls* GABRIEL!

Okay, so, why Gabriel all of a sudden you ask? Well, it’s because Asmodeus has the Archangel blades and the only one who can use It, is Gabriel. No one knows how and from where the prince of Hell got Gabriel from but the poor Angel is shown being disheveled and chained up in a dark room.

I surely can’t wait for the next episode of the Supernatural!

Rating: 4/5


See you in my next post~




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