My Mini Review of The Murder on the Orient Express Movie

“I detect criminals. I do not protect them.”

I was eager to watch The Murder On The Orient Express since I read the book and I truly loved it. It was filled with such mystery and the like any other Agatha Christie novel, finding the culprit was complex.

The Murder on the Orient Express is a film adapted from the famous detective author, Agatha Christie. Its about a Famous Detective named Hercule Poirot who investigates a murder that takes place on the train.

One coach. Many suspects.

I thought the movie would be precise from the book, however, I was wrong. There were many added elements to it and I didn’t quite feel the apprehension that has to be there in a murder mystery movie. I also thought Hercule Poirot was a serious man, but I was wrong about that too. Maybe I felt this way because I’ve read the book, but I only hoped they wouldn’t have changed anything and had kept it as it was.

Although, there were a few things I did like. The settings were perfect, the characters played their parts well, some of the dialogues were as it was in the book which I think was the main part that kept me from changing the channel and of course, our Johnny Depp was as always charming and talented. He plays the part of the murdered victim named Ratchett. The direction was dexterous as well.

Nonetheless the minor changes here and there, I liked the movie. It was enjoyable, and I probably think there’s going to be another part of the Hercule Poirot series since at the end of movie, before the credits, an officer comes to receive Poirot and says that there is another murder case, a murder that took place in Egypt, on the Nile.

I literally clapped my hands at that in excitement and I would surely watch it if the movie is ever made (which I’m sure is going to happen or else why would they hint it like that?)

My Rating: 3/5

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