My Mini Review of Supernatural S13 Ep 12 ‘Various and Sundry Villains’

“Oh you Winchester’s, I’ve changed. Honestly, having your skull crushed, and being burned alive, can do that to a girl.”

This week’s episode of The Supernatural ended so fast. Maybe because I liked it a lot and didn’t want it to end or it was just too interesting to watch. Either way, it was a Witch-ful episode filled with emotions, risks and a comeback of someone who was good as dead in the previous season.

I like Witches and by Witches, I only mean Rowena. Yes, we know she’s dead but let’s change that. Apparently, she isn’t! Like, OH. MAH. GOSH. Was I too excited to see her? Hell yes! Although she did some crappy things in the past, she’s still my favorite and I thank the Supernatural for bringing her back! (No wonder I’m hoping to see Crowley soon…Is it too much to ask for?)

In this episode, Dean gets bewitched by two sisters who are witches. They make him fall in love with one of them just to take the Book of Grimoire from him. The book gets taken away because of our lover-boy, Dean here, however, the spell is broken by Rowena. And yes, obviously, we had to presume that she wasn’t dead because she’s a Witch and she would take complete means to keep herself from dying (I did think she would come back though, at some point or the other) Dean and Sam are as surprised as us, but she just doesn’t save Dean from killing his baby brother just because he put a pointed a gun at the Witch sister, she needs the book too since it has the spell that could protect her from Lucifer. Rowena is awfully terrified since her affair with Lucifer. The three of them pursue the two Witch sisters who are plainly using the book to wake their dead mom. Well, they become half successful. The mom does wake up but with no feelings at all. A zombie mom! Although Rowena double-crosses them because it was basically her plan to get the book from the Winchesters, at the end of the day, they save each other, and it ends…well, not so happy but not so sad either. Sam understands Rowena’s feeling of helplessness and helps her. He kindly lets her take the page that she wanted from the book and walks away, finally shielding herself. (Her blue eyes, though. They were so cool!) I do think that what Sam did was the right thing because 1) He didn’t give the entire book, did he? So, it’s safe to assume that she won’t do much and 2) Rowena seemed quite sincere on sharing her thoughts with Sam in Dean’s impala. Dean isn’t too happy about it, that we all can guess because eventually, Rowena isn’t their friend, but Sammy assures him that if ever she rots again, he’s going to finish the job.

On the other hand, we have our unusual, comedic duo. Lucifer and Castiel in Hell’s prison. I like how they converse so naturally. They insult each other like praises, look at each other distrustfully because of course, he’s the damn Lucifer! Who wouldn’t, right? But they are like the perfect pair (Can I make them my OTP? I’ll name this ship, Casifer!) They fight their way out of the prison because somehow Lucifer gains his strength back but apparently, their cute duet ends quicker than a bat out of hell. Castiel stabs Lucifer in the gut quoting, ‘He learned from his past mistakes’ and my OTP didn’t even last an episode.

Now, we’re not sure if Luci is really dead or not…I’m afraid for Castiel. What if Cass is dead again?! I can’t take that! I will riot! Oh, I will! Who’s with me if that happens? (Comment below so that we can discuss)

I enjoyed this episode at its fullest. It was smooth flowing, and the episodes are getting so engaging. Supernatural’s next episode is always fresh and inscrutable and I can’t wait to know what happens next!

My Rating: 5/5

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