My Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep 25 ‘The Divine and the Wicked’

This week’s episode of Riverdale was not so interesting, in my opinion, of course. Though, it wasn’t boring either. There were fights, reunions and more Archie Andrews.

The FBI keeps on pressuring Archie to keep digging the secrets of Hiram Lodge and Archie is now stuck between the good and the bad. He did gain Hiram’s trust and became an intern and he also gets to be a part of Hiram’s inner-inner circle, however, the more he is hanging around the Lodge, the more he is confused and indecisive of the decisions he is making. But, Hiram seems to be getting closer to Archie after finding out about what he did to Nick St. Claire (Are we gonna see Veronica in a white dress soon? Who knows) On the other hand, Veronica has her confirmation and not to mention, she did look beautiful in all white. Although, I do hate it sometimes that she keeps such close eye on Archie and his dad and keeps asking what they talk about in Hiram’s office. But, like she said herself, she doesn’t want Archie to get mixed up with her savage family. After all, Archie is her beacon in the night.

Archie did a good job of telling Hiram about Papa Poutine’s plan on executing Hiram. And I can’t say whether or not I feel bad for him because that old man had some nerve to insult Pop Tate’s cooking like that! Way to go, Hiram Lodge.

Jughead and FP have a bit of daddy-son argument regarding the Pickens Statue and the Snake Charmer but the case of the missing head of General Pickens is easily solved by our very own Buggy! I did like it when they got together to first talk as just friends and then gradually, in the end, they ended up together. But I didn’t like it when Betty didn’t mention about her dark side to Jughead when Juggy openly confirmed that yeah, something did happen with Toni after they had broken up. This shows how honest Jughead is. Anyway, Jughead gets to smile in the end because everything is settled, thanks to his dad. I like FP. Everyone is so afraid of him. He’s like this cool dad anyone would want.

Josie and Veronica are friends again, but I still think the Mayor is up to something…I don’t like her. She looks so evil and poor Josie seems like a puppet beside her. However, these two beauties sing perfectly at her confirmation and it’s always nice to hear them out.

I missed Cheryl in this episode. Plus, I think Hal left the house using Chic as an excuse only to go to Penelope Blossom…Speaking of Chic, that guy keeps getting suspicious every single minute. How can he show the dirty side to her sister like that? Doesn’t he care what would happen to her? Sure, he yelled at her for not doing something reckless but dude, that’s not enough. And what surprised me in the end was when Betty got home after her cute little reunion with Jughead, she sees her Ex-Serpent mom cleaning a pool of blood of a stranger in the kitchen. Like WTH. All the more, she is freaking calm and cool by it all and on top of that she asks if Elizabeth locked the door or not.

I can’t wait to find out what happens next! I’m pretty sure we are in for more mystery and heart thumps in the next episode of Riverdale.

My Rating: 3/5

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