My January Playlist

Heroin – Sunmi

Flower – JBJ

Electric Kiss – EXO

Bboom Bboom – Momoland

Bad Boys – Red Velvet

Spotlight – Monsta X

Love Scenario – iKon

Shining – Jonghyun

Been Through – EXO

Fall – EXO

Run this – EXO

End game – Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheeran, Future

Camila Cabello – Havana ft young thug

Filthy – Justin Timberlake

Can’t help falling in love with you – Elvis Presley



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My Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep 24 ‘The Wrestler’

{This Review might have spoilers}

“Get the message? I. Always. Win.”

In this yet another dark episode of Riverdale, we see the problems these teenagers face many of their individual problems. Our red-haired hottie, Archie Andrews struggles to gain Hiram Lodge’s trust, Veronica faces a few problems with her Mon Amie, Josie, Jughead fights for justice for the serpents and our Betty Cooper is getting darker and more enigmatic by the minute now that her brother Chic is living with them.

These four individuals have a story of their own and yet they connect one way or other because Riverdale is pretty small town. We see Archie wrestling with Hiram Lodge because Hiram used to be a wrestler himself back in those good old times of Riverdale. However, to gain his girlfriend’s dad’s trust isn’t his only motive. Apparently, an FBI agent is forcing him to be the spy of the Lodge Family. To get to know them deeper and I don’t know about Archie, but I think sooner or later, something’s going to happen, and Veronica’s and Archie’s relation-SHIP will get sunk.

Jughead, on the other hand finds out the history of the serpents by Toni’s Grandpa. He interviews and writes an article about it, but the Serpent Grandpa wasn’t too happy with it. Although, Juggy apologized for telling a story which was not his to tell, Serpent Grandpa wanted more than just a simple apology.

Now, Riverdale is not Riverdale if you don’t have Jingle-Jangle, Politics, Murder, Intimacy and sexual favors for clients. I liked how Kevin found out about Chic’s secret life first and then informed Betty about it. Like a good sister, she doesn’t really probe him much and also gives him a laptop and a cam that he had lost because of her. And in doing that, I would say she made a huge mistake because the next thing we know, Chic is pulling Betty into the dark void he is in. What happened to her intelligence? She has friends, she Archie then why can’t she talk to them about the darkness that lives within her? Why choose such forbidden path?

Josie’s mother obviously doesn’t like Veronica because of her involvement with Lodge company and the way they work with things and so, Josie says she wouldn’t sing at Pickens Day. We feel that Veronica would back away just because Josie isn’t there to sing, however, guess our junior Lodge does has the blood of her father because she recruits the Pussycats and sings with them. We can see evident sadness in Josie’s eyes and I did pity her but hey, she wanted to do solo so be it. I do hope though that they get back together and break the awkward wall that is now between them.

The serpents crash at the Pickens Day with Toni’s wise Grandpa but their protest was eventually unsuccessful and to add coal to more fire for the Serpents, Hiram Lodge gives a quick speech to end the protest and everything gets back to normal. I don’t like how Jughead is being hasty with his Serpent decisions. I mean, he used to study in Riverdale so what’s the problem now? The Serpents surely are quiet then why can’t he do the same?

Hiram Lodge and Archie meet again in his office but this time, it’s not to talk about Veronica or about Fred Andrews sleeping with his wife. It’s about giving Archie a job as an intern and BOOM! It seems that Archie has finally gained Hiram’s trust and can dig deeper into their confidential and recondite lives. That smirk of his though.

Next is Cheryl’s mom…Oh man, she is enjoying her life at the very moment, isn’t she? And at Pickens Day, she chose her next companion. Hal Cooper. If Alice finds out about Hal and Penelope (If something happens between them) then she will no doubt murder him right there and then. He better choose his decisions wisely.

I can’t wait for the next episode of Riverdale to air. I want to see what choices Betty makes, how Jughead will handle himself and the Serpents for the humiliation they received and will Josie reunite with the Pussycats? And will Hiram discover Archie’s true motives? Oh man, this is getting even more interesting!

My Rating: 4/5

See you in my next post~

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My Mini Review of The Supernatural S13 Ep11 ‘Breakdown’

{This review might contain spoilers}

“This ends one way for us, Dean. This ends bloody. It ends bad.”

The latest episode of The Supernatural was amusing to watch but also there were a few elements that I thought were too extending. In the episode, our country side girl, Donna calls Sam and Dean to help her find her niece. Knowing that normal cases isn’t their thing, they still take up the case but to their surprise find out that this case was definitely their case.

This is a small confession, but I like sheriff Donna. In the previous episode of The Supernatural, Wayward Sisters, she was so calm and cool but in this episode her bubbliness had died down.

I liked the story-line for this episode because it was so my type. A kidnapper who sells human parts to monsters in a grotesque online auction. What more do we need? But I do like that this episode wasn’t their usual ‘Supernatural’ themed. Sam wasn’t himself since the time of the otherworldly events took place, but his big brother assured him that he’s there for him when his baby brother is lost. But yeah, I empathize with Sammy because nothing is going in the right way. Mom and Jack are still missing, there’s no word from Castiel and Kaia is dead because she tried to help them.

The thing I liked about this episode was the abominable camera directions. Bloody tiles, rusty tools and a torture chair (Chuckles excitedly) Dean and Sam also had to risk their identities with the real FBI since not always they can say a cheeky name and enter a crime scene but as we can see, there were no casualties. Donna’s boyfriend, Doug’s life was also in jeopardize when a vampire pours its blood inside his mouth (Why did he have to keep his mouth open?) But eventually, he is saved and all, but it doesn’t end happy. Doug thinks that this monster-hunting life isn’t for him and so he leaves while commending Donna that she’s a damn hero!

I hate it when they do that. Instead of staying by their side and helping them, why do they always leave? Well, guess some people have different thinking.

Come to think of it, after Jody, I think Donna fits well with the Winchester Brothers when it comes to hunting.

Not to mention, even at such serious times, Dean’s jokes are a must.

DEAN – Feel like you want to bite any of us?

All in all, I loved this episode like any other. I do hope to see Castiel in the next episode since our poor angel is stuck with Lucifer.

My Rating: 4/5

See you in my next post~

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Keto Cheesy Bread Sticks Recipe

So, what is a Keto diet? You guys might’ve already searched it, right? It’s a high-fat, low-carb diet that everyone is now crazily following. Even my mom, sister and dad are doing it and hell, it’s been quite successful. (I’m not doing this diet because I’m already quite fit, lol but I do eat what they eat)

I’ve noticed that this diet is suitable for everyone, but the only little thing is, you need will power to do it. A lot of it at that because this diet makes you feel weak since you’re not eating any carbs. You stop eating those junk and sweets completely and mom says this diet is for the rest of our lives…You’ll need a hella lot more will power to stop those sweet and junk cravings like Pizza, Pasta and Cheesecakes.

But, luckily for those Keto Dieters out there, there’s Keto based products we can use in our daily lives to eat tasty stuff! Thank God for that.

Although today, I’m going to write about a recipe I made for my Keto Family because they can’t eat what I often crave. CHEESY BREAD STICKS!

YAASS! Now, the normal cheesy bread sticks are filled with carbs but this one here, is low-carb and perfect for tea time snacks or dinner appetizers or just plain lunch if you’re not that hungry.


Ingredients you’ll need:

1 Cauliflower (Riced)

2 Cups Mozzarella Cheese

2 Eggs

½ tsp Oregano

½ tsp Garlic Seasoning

Salt and Pepper to taste

Pizza Sauce (Optional)


Microwave the riced cauliflower in a closed container for about 10 minutes. Let it cool a little before you add the ingredients. Till then, preheat the oven at 220 degrees Celsius and while the oven is preheating, mix the ingredients and also keep a baking tray ready with the baking sheet.

Mix well the eggs, 1 cup cheese (reserve the other cup) oregano, garlic seasoning, salt and pepper. Drop the mixture into the tray and just flatten it into a rectangle. Do not make it too thin or too thick and do not add any toppings if you have any because first, you need to bake the crust.

Bake it for about 25-30 minutes. Once baked, add your toppings. I added Pizza Sauce for my bread sticks since I wanted it to taste a bit like pizza but be sure to check the carbs and the sugar. I used a low-carb pizza sauce. Spread the sauce or your desired choice of toppings on the baked crust, add the other cup of cheese and if you think you need more cheese, don’t be afraid to add more! And finally, bake it for another 5 minutes and Voila! Your cheesy bread sticks are ready to serve! Oh, don’t forget to add a bit of parsley for just the slight decoration and to make it look tastier.

Cut into long sticks and serve with Jalapeno or Garlic dip~

I hope you guys like this recipe. Please do try it and comment below how it turned out and whether you liked it or not or if there was any changed you’ve done to this simple yet delicious recipe!

Be sure to keep checking my blog for more recipes like these.

See you guys in my next post!

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