My Mini Review of The Supernatural S13 Ep11 ‘Breakdown’

{This review might contain spoilers}

“This ends one way for us, Dean. This ends bloody. It ends bad.”

The latest episode of The Supernatural was amusing to watch but also there were a few elements that I thought were too extending. In the episode, our country side girl, Donna calls Sam and Dean to help her find her niece. Knowing that normal cases isn’t their thing, they still take up the case but to their surprise find out that this case was definitely their case.

This is a small confession, but I like sheriff Donna. In the previous episode of The Supernatural, Wayward Sisters, she was so calm and cool but in this episode her bubbliness had died down.

I liked the story-line for this episode because it was so my type. A kidnapper who sells human parts to monsters in a grotesque online auction. What more do we need? But I do like that this episode wasn’t their usual ‘Supernatural’ themed. Sam wasn’t himself since the time of the otherworldly events took place, but his big brother assured him that he’s there for him when his baby brother is lost. But yeah, I empathize with Sammy because nothing is going in the right way. Mom and Jack are still missing, there’s no word from Castiel and Kaia is dead because she tried to help them.

The thing I liked about this episode was the abominable camera directions. Bloody tiles, rusty tools and a torture chair (Chuckles excitedly) Dean and Sam also had to risk their identities with the real FBI since not always they can say a cheeky name and enter a crime scene but as we can see, there were no casualties. Donna’s boyfriend, Doug’s life was also in jeopardize when a vampire pours its blood inside his mouth (Why did he have to keep his mouth open?) But eventually, he is saved and all, but it doesn’t end happy. Doug thinks that this monster-hunting life isn’t for him and so he leaves while commending Donna that she’s a damn hero!

I hate it when they do that. Instead of staying by their side and helping them, why do they always leave? Well, guess some people have different thinking.

Come to think of it, after Jody, I think Donna fits well with the Winchester Brothers when it comes to hunting.

Not to mention, even at such serious times, Dean’s jokes are a must.

DEAN – Feel like you want to bite any of us?

All in all, I loved this episode like any other. I do hope to see Castiel in the next episode since our poor angel is stuck with Lucifer.

My Rating: 4/5

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