My Review of The Walking Dead Season 8 Ep 1 ‘Mercy’

This episode was an epic start for the season and I loved it all the way. I think ‘love’ is even lesser than how I felt about it.

In the previous season, the ending was of a confirmation of a War between Negan and Rick and in this season, it’s all about War. My heart was thumping since the very beginning the episode started. Excitement ran through my veins like any other day and my anticipation and anxiousness grew stronger than the tea I brewed in the morning.

Rick’s speech before the start of a war was so motivating, I screamed at each of his sentence like, “Yeah!” and “Wohoo!” The teamwork they showed was so powerful and Rick proved that no one could break their wall now, not even Negan.

It was nice of Dwight to tell Daryl where his troops were keeping watch. And seeing how its Daryl we are talking about, he wouldn’t think twice on attacking them.

At first, I didn’t understand what their plan was but when Daryl did his action stunts to lure the Dead to follow him, I knew right away what was going on. It was a good plan, but I doubted it will work.

Then, there’s Carl who helps anyone he sees. Sure, in a world like this, sometimes we gotta be good at times even to a stranger. I was pretty shocked to see Judith grown up but also touched. Rick has taken such good care of her, it’s so heart-warming.

Hats off to the three groups (Hilltop, Kingdom and Alexandria) for their courage to just head to Negan’s lair with a dozen men, dozen groups and dozen cars attached with big metal sheets for protection. And like the Big Bad guy who just walked out of his den with just his Lucille and a few other men, including the Coward-Eugene, Negan has a pride and ego no other villain has. Or no other villain I have ever seen has. He just stands there talking crap and hell, Rick has so many snipers, but no one shoots him. One head-shot and it would’ve been all over. However, it didn’t, and I don’t understand why but perhaps, it’s because it would’ve been too easy?

Though, there is a point. Rick wants to kill Negan himself which means he wants to see him suffer and dying a quick death isn’t what a person who has seen his friends die up close would want.

I liked the way Rick pranked Negan by saying he would give them a chance and would count till 10 but he only half counted and BANG! There was a shootout!

Hah! Way to go Rick, Negan started to scramble for his life and I liked it (Saying it in Negan voice) Also amusing was the part where Rick took a camera shot of Negan hiding behind a metal something. His smirk, though. It shows how much Rick is enjoying himself. I hated it when Gabriel stopped him from shooting. You just ruined Rick’s only enjoyment, dude!

Okay, I hate Gregory of the Hilltop. He’s so…well, you know, right. And even after the poor priest stopped his car to save him, he just ditched him between the Dead. How selfish can he get?! Ugh, it still frustrates me…

In the end, Gabriel is stuck in a trailer with Negan who also happens to get inside to save himself from the Walking Dead. And Damn, Gabriel sure doesn’t have his shitting pants with him right now.

Who is tremendously excited to see the next episode? Raise your hand! (Raises both hands)

My rating: 4/5

See you in my next post.

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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My Review of Riverdale’s Season 2 Ep 2 ‘Nighthawks’

Damn, damn, damn…how can this series be so damn intriguing…? Murder, Drugs, Love, Hatred, Politics, we get to see everything in each episode and that’s why Riverdale’s been on top of my favorite list of Series.

In this episode of Riverdale, we see Archie still trying to find the killer who shot his dad and killed Miss Grundy, Juggy, doing everything he can to save his dad from spending 20 years in prison, Betty planning on saving her memory-full Pop Tate’s Chock-lit shoppe which was once the ‘Heart of Riverdale’ but now has tragically turned into a ‘Death Diner’ and Veronica having teenage, family problems like any other Rich Bratty girl does.

I understand Archie’s eagerness to find the culprit who is going behind the people he loves, hell, I would make a creepy ‘Have you seen this man’ poster as well but I’m afraid his fear is reaching the limits. Taking Uppers and Buying a gun? Arch, calm down will ya?

On the other hand, I love the Dark Betty more than the I-love-jughead-Betty. The way she threatens Cheryl to show mercy to F.P at the court was the scene I was most proud of. Damn, even a devil like Cheryl can be sent to hell again.

The Lodge family has its problems and seeing the things happening around, I don’t have much interest in them at the moment. The only thing I want to know is who the killer is and why is he in Riverdale killing innocent people? Who else was shocked when there was another person instead of Mr. Smithers? Hell, I was.

Not to mention, I like Reggie’s character. I just hope he doesn’t die. He’s the one guy who can give you something to stay up all night or nights, plus, I have a feeling he’s going to be a strong supporter of Archie in the episodes ahead.

Riverdale’s endings always make my jaw drop…Like seriously, the masked guy appeared again and shot the two people who were enjoying their Jingle Jangle! Like I always say, I can’t wait for the next episode.

My Rating: 5/5

See you in my next post!

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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My Review of Supernatural Season 13 Ep 2 ‘The Rising Son’

This episode of Supernatural threaded a little slow but also it happened to introduce to us a new character and some more conflicts.

I think Jack is an interesting character which everyone is liking due to his innocent personality. It’s still a mystery weather he will be good or bad, but Dean is sure that this kid is going to rot one day. Sam on the other side is still sympathetic towards him because of what he has gone through himself. I don’t think the Winchesters arguments will end anytime soon on this particular topic.

Then suddenly, there popped up this prophet named Donatello which was in previous seasons (I don’t remember his part much) and he appeared just because he felt a ‘good’ aura of Jack, not ‘dark’ or ‘filthy’ like Lucifer. So once again, Sam wins but Dean is absolutely stubborn.

In this episode, we get to see more Mary-Lucifer screen time. It’s fun to see them fighting like a couple. I mean, of course, it’s scary to be with the devil but when the devil’s fun to be around, what more could one want? Besides, they both obviously need each other to get to their sons. So, all poor Mary can do now is follow him and find a way to get out of this alternate Universe. Plus, no matter how many times she tries to run away, he will find her. “What? Did she think the fallen angel doesn’t have wings?”

Interestingly, we get to see Michael in the alternate Universe fighting Lucifer. Damn, he’s stronger than him and I’m expecting to see more of how this is going to turn out seeing how in pain Lucifer was.

I kinda like this new character that they introduced. Asmodeus, the Last Knight of Hell. Woah, I love the name and the title. This Asmodeus guy is now temporary in-charge of Hell until Lucifer comes back or until they find Jack and train him to rule hell. He’s background story with Lucifer was so intense…Damn, I’m surprised he’s still alive.

Asmodeus succeeds in finding Jack but barely wins at getting him to open a portal that will let out the darkest creature Lucifer had contained and for which Asmodeus had got the deep scar from. In the end, Sam and Dean come to rescue our blameless Jack who just thought Asmodeus was Donatello.

I’m enjoying Supernatural and I’m eager to know how the further episodes are going to turn out. Everyone sure is in a conflict with Jack, is he going to be like his mother and Castiel or is he just going to follow his daddy’s footsteps?

My Rating: 3/5

See you in my next post!

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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My Review of Supernatural’s S13 EP 1 ‘Lost and Found’

After seeing season’s 12 finale, season 13 was on my ‘must watch without fail’ list. I knew it was going to interesting the moment they ended their previous finale with almost all the main characters dying and a new character being born who is Lucifer’s son, Jack.

I gotta say, Supernatural’s ‘The Road So Far’ is my favorite part of all time. The music, the recaps, everything is just perfect to start a new beginning of something. This episode was more cinematic than any other episodes they have shot so far. The BGM’s were ideal at each of its parts and it had the right feels to it for a great start to their season.

It is extremely tragic to know that Castiel won’t be hanging around anymore (Or, we don’t know, he just might come back as a wild card someday…) But, maybe it’s for the best. And it’s also probably time for some new characters to be introduced. Of course, I miss Crowley as much and oddly as Dean does but the show must go on even if an angel and a demon die, right?

I could empathize Dean’s sadness and frustration of losing every person he cared about. Sam, on the other hand is worried about Jack who surprisingly, isn’t evil but quite the opposite. He’s innocent and new to the world and I saw such resemblance in him and Castiel. Not to mention, the shock when Jack says he isn’t looking for Lucifer but his father, Castiel. I was like, ‘Whut’. In the entire episode Dean is against saving Jake and killing him because no matter how he acts or even if he has knowledge now, he is going to turn bad someday and it’s better to end him now than to struggle to fight with him later. Just like Dean said, ‘When had ever things turned out right for them?’

Then there was this powerful fight with Angels and Dean just doesn’t care if it’s a lady or a man, he’s the kind of guy to punch-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy and Sam’s as intelligent as ever to use his own blood to wipe out the angels. Fortunately, for Jack, the Angel blade is like a rubber knife to him. He removes the blade from his chest and says he’s perfectly fine so for Dean, the Angel blade is out of the ‘Way’s to Kill Jack’ list.

In the end, Sam and Dean agree to take Jack to their bunker. Sam wants to give Jack a chance to prove that he can be good but it becomes obvious that Dean has some other motive.

Lastly, they torch Castiel’s body with a goodbye to him, Kelly (Jack’s mother) Crowley and Mary Winchester (Dean is stubborn to think that she’s dead since she jumped in the alternate Universe with Lucifer and that Luci undoubtedly must have killed her but Sam thinks so otherwise)

…I wish they all could come back. The sadness stayed for quite a while knowing that our Angelic hero, Castiel is gone forever.

Before the end of the episode, our heroin, Mary is seen running away from Lucifer but since the fallen angel has wings, she has no way of escape. Mary gives up and asks Lucifer if she’s going to kill him which in return he answers that no, he won’t because he has other plans for her. Mary’s expression makes it clear that she is badly stuck with the devil. What plans now? I don’t know but I do know that he’s the devil and he will do anything to get back to the Earth and take revenge on Dean and Sam…Scary to think, isn’t it?


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My This Week’s Playlist

This week’s playlist is a good listen if you’re just walking down the street, or lying on the grass in the park or just waiting for the day to end. We all have so many moods in every part of the day, it’s strange how we like one song one day and hate it the next morning.


  • Why – Sabrina Carpenter
  • O Sole Mio – SF9
  • You Are – GOT7
  • Teenager – GOT7
  • Sheep – Lay
  • Peach – Lay
  • Hellevator – Stray Kids
  • Still in time – Huang Z Tao
  • Whatever it takes – Imagine Dragons
  • Go Go – BTS
  • Mic Drop – BTS

Give these songs a listen and let me know in the comments how you liked them!

Enjoy and have a good day, everyone.

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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My Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep1 ‘A Kiss Before Dying’

I have waited and waited for Riverdale season 2 and finally, last night, I watched it with my mom and sister. Yes, my mom’s a Riverdale fan too. She likes Jughead the most I think…I’m not sure but it’s a guess and I’m ninety-nine-point nine percent sure, I’m right.

This episode of Riverdale was as not what I expected it to be and I’m saying it in a good way. There was this tension, the grief, the suspense, the feels, damn they were so many emotions packed in this episode that I felt it was a great beginning for the continuation of Riverdale’s mysteries.

I seriously knew that the writer of Riverdale wouldn’t kill Fred Andrews so easily, so that wasn’t a big surprise when he woke up by the end of the episode. Although, I liked how Archie’s friends all came to support him at his hard time in the hospital. It showed the true bond these people have in this small town of theirs.

I always think it’s funny how there’s only one sheriff to take care of the entire town and that he’s always left with so much burden that it absolutely shows in his face. I’m sure his shoulders are gonna get heavier in further episodes as Riverdale’s genre is typically mystery and thriller. There will be a lot of questions in this season as well and to think about it is just plain frustrating.

I also think its silly for Archie and Veronica to get all lovey-dovey when his dad’s in the hospital waiting for death to arrive any minute. And then the sudden anger after just kissing her? Hey man, that’s rude but yeah, if my father was shot, I think I would have bipolar emotions too… Well, since Archie’s a horny teenage kid, we can put his negative trait aside.

Betty and Jughead’s love story is simple as it goes. The only thing I don’t like about Betty is her ability to criticize at everything. I mean, Jughead can choose the path he wants to choose and if he knows the consequences of being a serpent and still chose to do it, it’s his wish, man. Like, I know Betty is just worried about him but seriously, just stop. Juggy can take care of himself. I don’t approve Bughead but if that’s how people want then that’s what people get.

I am a Cheryl Blossom fan even though she is the symbol of evil and darkness. I don’t know, I just admired how she stood up for herself. How she has now turned into a strong woman that not even her mother would dare to defy.

I was finally relieved to see Hiram, Veronica’s dad who had gone to jail. Both her parents looked so suspicious and mysterious, I wonder what their story is and how much they are involved in this, ‘Who shot Fred Andrews and why?’

Lastly, it was deplorably surprising to see Miss Grundy getting attacked by the same attacker who shot Fred Andrews. I can’t say she deserves it but Archie wouldn’t be too happy to hear about it. Everyone by now gets a slight hint that perhaps the attacker is advancing to people whom Archie cares about…And its crucial to think if Archie’s girlfriend and his two besties will be safe or not. Well, we can only wait until the next episode to know what happens further, right?

Ugh, this is the problem with seasons, aren’t they? They leave you hanging like a corpse on the tree.

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My Mini Review of GOT7’s You Are MV

The moment I hear GOT7’s name, my heart jumps into such wildness and excitement. I’m always looking forward to their songs because it’s always so different and filled with a story that you can enjoy watching to and GOT7’s new song, You Are, is just what I was eagerly waiting for.

I have to say, all 7 of the members look ultimately gorgeous. The sceneries that were used in this MV is to be admired for because it gives off this artistic aura and it truly brings out the personality of each members. I liked the symbolic chain they were holding; each member having each part that in the end forms the GOT7’s logo. It gives off a faint meaning and trust.

Jinyoung’s and Yugyeom’s vocals fitted perfectly for the beginning. It was a great combo to match with the later rap part of Jackson. Of course, we can’t forget the main vocalist Youngjae. I thought I melt at Jinyoung’s voice but to be honest, it’s Youngjae’s that makes me feel warm.

Everything was going well and I was starting to like the song when the chorus betrayed me…I didn’t like how the tune dropped so abruptly. There are no negative comments on their choreography because it was to the point and matched with their song but if only they made the chorus more catching, maybe they could’ve got an extra star.

But Marks rap turned up the music again and I was back to listening to the song intently. I do think though that it’s a nice mix with the high and low tunes but its not my style. Howbeit, It’s GOT7’s style and I’m glad they haven’t changed their way of composing such music. I love Mark and Bam Bam’s combination because of the contract in their voices. The bridge is also catchy to the ears and I had my fingers crossed to not listen to the chorus that flows like waves on a low tide. But, I was wrong and JB’s and Youngjae’s voice was the only thing that kept me going.

I love Jackson’s rap no matter at what part of the song he raps at. It fits everywhere like Cinderella’s glass shoe.

The song would’ve been epic and perfect if the chorus was only in the ending because damn, the windmill, the greenery, GOT7 in white with Mark in red hair gave me all the feels I need in the MV.

In the end, I definitely loved the MV and yeah, I don’t really care if the chorus was luring or not. GOT7 showed simplicity in this MV and I think that’s what matters the most.

My Rating: 4/5

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My Mini Review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I wasn’t that animated to read the Prisoner of Azkaban, however, as I began it only for the sake of completing it, I couldn’t put down the book. Believe me, it was better than the previous two books. It had the creepy feels, the comedy and the unhappiness.

The plot is about a young wizard named Harry Potter, in his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Along with his two best friends Ronald Weasley and Hermoine Granger, Harry investigated Sirius Black, an escaped prisoner from an inhumane place called Azkaban who they believe is one of Lord Voldemort’s old allies and is on the hunt to kill Harry.

I liked everything about this third book of Mrs. Rowling and greatly respect her for writing and achieving something so magnificent. The story line goes so smoothly and perfectly and the sentences are spilled so flawlessly. I could feel the tension when Harry tries to sneak away to Hogsmeade and I could feel the despair when the dementors arrived with their scaly fingers and rasping sounds (I always wished to eat a chocolate too after that) And Ron’s sarcastic comments often made me chuckle. The book had the right moods each time.

The quidditch matches were so interesting, I wish I had a magical broom as well. I felt the vibrant sensation when Harry was after the snitch in their final quidditch match against the terrific Slytherin (Yet, I love that group for their evilness) I’m a Gryffindor all the way, though. No doubt on that.

My favorite character would be professor Lupin because of his casual way of talking even in disturbed times. It always annoys me when the Durselys don’t treat Harry right and say so many awful things about his dad, James Potter. I got thrilled and high in the ending chapters when Harry and Hermoine were trying to get Sirius to escape! (Oops, sorry if I spoiled it for ya…should’ warned)

I did think that the relationship between Sirius (being his god-father) and Harry in the end was too quick since he had only briefly met him. But overall, the book did have some horrible and heart-touching aspects of revenge and friendship.

I would absolutely recommend this book to all those who love fantasy, who are looking for ways to grow up and gain courage and who love the previous parts of Harry Potter or are just trying to finish the entire series.

My Rating: 4/5

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My Mini Review of Stray Kids Hellevator MV

The funny thing was, that I had no idea Stray Kids were a group of JYP’s until my sister said so. I was shocked to hear that but didn’t show it on my face. Soon after that realization, I could see so much resemblance in their faces like… Did JYP especially choose these kids who look like Jinyoung and JB and has the same rap voice like our boy Jackson?

Not that I mind, of course. As long as the song touches me, I’m ready to cheer for them.

The tunes were so similar to the ones I have heard before but I won’t complain because I like these types of pieces. It’s common but sometimes common wins. There’s softness in the beginning and then a sudden blast of rap which made me flinch in my seat (The second time as well) The choreography was slightly humdrum but it’s bigoted to expect such from a debut, correct? In fact, its better because it has a good hook to it.

The chorus tune has a sad yet aesthetic harmony to it. It gives off a slight aura of gloominess and the feeling you get when you hear it, its like walking down an empty street, on the boulevard of empty dreams.

The MV shows some cheerful times of the guys and then one of them pressing the elevator button to Hell which evidently means that he’s lost all that he had (Or that’s what I think, anyways) I somehow liked their rapping style, it was rhythmic and forward-looking.

In the end, all of them enter the hellevator and reach a destination filled with violet flowers. They start to run as if they have found their freedom and in actuality they had. The hellevator didn’t really take them to hell but out of hell (If my theory is correct, that is) And as the MV comes to a close, it shows two worlds as in hell and heaven.

I like MV that have some meaning or story behind it and I think this one is about self-determination. I can really feel the potential in these new faces. Although, I can’t find their charms, I’m sure watching their reality tv shows and stuff will bring out their hidden talents. I still have a long way to go to remember their names but hopefully, it won’t be that difficult.

I loved all the tunes since I felt it was fitting for their debut and tunes and melodies and most people will definitely like it. I’m anticipating more from these guys and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.


So long, I’m your Writer Next Door.


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My Mini Review of Lay’s Sheep MV

The moment I got the news that Lay uploaded a new MV, my heart ran faster and excitement ran through my veins. I was more than glad to know that he was back again after I need you. So, while my parents went out, me and my sister took this opportunity and played the video in high volume.

I didn’t expect Lay to start his song with a rap or even continue doing it until the end. The hip hop EDM tunes are catchy and so are the powerful yet swag-filled choreography. His style and attitude wasn’t typically innocent like a sheep but it was nice to look at a different, particularly fun side of him. I liked the trap elements and the few simple moves that usually makes your body groove to the beat. I just thought it was funny when he said, ‘Be careful sheep in the neighborhood’, Am I the only one who heard ship instead of sheep?

Being honest, I didn’t understand why he made a song saying he’s the China’s Sheep but hell, I like Zhang Yixing so yeah, maybe the song is a little illogical but it wasn’t boring. I agree that it was confounding but fetching at the same time.

I also think I heard the tune after the ‘I am the sheep’ from somewhere but I can’t recall where…It’s similar to an English song and if I had to guess, it would be Get Low.

Damn his body waves and the tiny dabs. And Lol in the end for his sudden cuteness while impersonating a sheep.

In the end, Lay leaves like a sheep…Weird but okay.

Anyways, the song clearly didn’t have a moral but most songs don’t usually do, right? It’s a good listen, though I did find some disappointing comments. Though, It’s a song that you can play when working out, you know, it has the beats and the jumps.

I liked the MV, it was cool. Not much to see or understand but all I wanted was to see Lay so my wish is certainly full-filled.

How did you like Lay’s Sheep MV and his album? Comment below to let me know!

Then, see you in my next post everyone.

I’m you Writer Next Door.



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