My Review of The Walking Dead Season 8 Ep 1 ‘Mercy’

This episode was an epic start for the season and I loved it all the way. I think ‘love’ is even lesser than how I felt about it.

In the previous season, the ending was of a confirmation of a War between Negan and Rick and in this season, it’s all about War. My heart was thumping since the very beginning the episode started. Excitement ran through my veins like any other day and my anticipation and anxiousness grew stronger than the tea I brewed in the morning.

Rick’s speech before the start of a war was so motivating, I screamed at each of his sentence like, “Yeah!” and “Wohoo!” The teamwork they showed was so powerful and Rick proved that no one could break their wall now, not even Negan.

It was nice of Dwight to tell Daryl where his troops were keeping watch. And seeing how its Daryl we are talking about, he wouldn’t think twice on attacking them.

At first, I didn’t understand what their plan was but when Daryl did his action stunts to lure the Dead to follow him, I knew right away what was going on. It was a good plan, but I doubted it will work.

Then, there’s Carl who helps anyone he sees. Sure, in a world like this, sometimes we gotta be good at times even to a stranger. I was pretty shocked to see Judith grown up but also touched. Rick has taken such good care of her, it’s so heart-warming.

Hats off to the three groups (Hilltop, Kingdom and Alexandria) for their courage to just head to Negan’s lair with a dozen men, dozen groups and dozen cars attached with big metal sheets for protection. And like the Big Bad guy who just walked out of his den with just his Lucille and a few other men, including the Coward-Eugene, Negan has a pride and ego no other villain has. Or no other villain I have ever seen has. He just stands there talking crap and hell, Rick has so many snipers, but no one shoots him. One head-shot and it would’ve been all over. However, it didn’t, and I don’t understand why but perhaps, it’s because it would’ve been too easy?

Though, there is a point. Rick wants to kill Negan himself which means he wants to see him suffer and dying a quick death isn’t what a person who has seen his friends die up close would want.

I liked the way Rick pranked Negan by saying he would give them a chance and would count till 10 but he only half counted and BANG! There was a shootout!

Hah! Way to go Rick, Negan started to scramble for his life and I liked it (Saying it in Negan voice) Also amusing was the part where Rick took a camera shot of Negan hiding behind a metal something. His smirk, though. It shows how much Rick is enjoying himself. I hated it when Gabriel stopped him from shooting. You just ruined Rick’s only enjoyment, dude!

Okay, I hate Gregory of the Hilltop. He’s so…well, you know, right. And even after the poor priest stopped his car to save him, he just ditched him between the Dead. How selfish can he get?! Ugh, it still frustrates me…

In the end, Gabriel is stuck in a trailer with Negan who also happens to get inside to save himself from the Walking Dead. And Damn, Gabriel sure doesn’t have his shitting pants with him right now.

Who is tremendously excited to see the next episode? Raise your hand! (Raises both hands)

My rating: 4/5

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