My Review of Riverdale’s Season 2 Ep 2 ‘Nighthawks’

Damn, damn, damn…how can this series be so damn intriguing…? Murder, Drugs, Love, Hatred, Politics, we get to see everything in each episode and that’s why Riverdale’s been on top of my favorite list of Series.

In this episode of Riverdale, we see Archie still trying to find the killer who shot his dad and killed Miss Grundy, Juggy, doing everything he can to save his dad from spending 20 years in prison, Betty planning on saving her memory-full Pop Tate’s Chock-lit shoppe which was once the ‘Heart of Riverdale’ but now has tragically turned into a ‘Death Diner’ and Veronica having teenage, family problems like any other Rich Bratty girl does.

I understand Archie’s eagerness to find the culprit who is going behind the people he loves, hell, I would make a creepy ‘Have you seen this man’ poster as well but I’m afraid his fear is reaching the limits. Taking Uppers and Buying a gun? Arch, calm down will ya?

On the other hand, I love the Dark Betty more than the I-love-jughead-Betty. The way she threatens Cheryl to show mercy to F.P at the court was the scene I was most proud of. Damn, even a devil like Cheryl can be sent to hell again.

The Lodge family has its problems and seeing the things happening around, I don’t have much interest in them at the moment. The only thing I want to know is who the killer is and why is he in Riverdale killing innocent people? Who else was shocked when there was another person instead of Mr. Smithers? Hell, I was.

Not to mention, I like Reggie’s character. I just hope he doesn’t die. He’s the one guy who can give you something to stay up all night or nights, plus, I have a feeling he’s going to be a strong supporter of Archie in the episodes ahead.

Riverdale’s endings always make my jaw drop…Like seriously, the masked guy appeared again and shot the two people who were enjoying their Jingle Jangle! Like I always say, I can’t wait for the next episode.

My Rating: 5/5

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