My Review of Supernatural Season 13 Ep 2 ‘The Rising Son’

This episode of Supernatural threaded a little slow but also it happened to introduce to us a new character and some more conflicts.

I think Jack is an interesting character which everyone is liking due to his innocent personality. It’s still a mystery weather he will be good or bad, but Dean is sure that this kid is going to rot one day. Sam on the other side is still sympathetic towards him because of what he has gone through himself. I don’t think the Winchesters arguments will end anytime soon on this particular topic.

Then suddenly, there popped up this prophet named Donatello which was in previous seasons (I don’t remember his part much) and he appeared just because he felt a ‘good’ aura of Jack, not ‘dark’ or ‘filthy’ like Lucifer. So once again, Sam wins but Dean is absolutely stubborn.

In this episode, we get to see more Mary-Lucifer screen time. It’s fun to see them fighting like a couple. I mean, of course, it’s scary to be with the devil but when the devil’s fun to be around, what more could one want? Besides, they both obviously need each other to get to their sons. So, all poor Mary can do now is follow him and find a way to get out of this alternate Universe. Plus, no matter how many times she tries to run away, he will find her. “What? Did she think the fallen angel doesn’t have wings?”

Interestingly, we get to see Michael in the alternate Universe fighting Lucifer. Damn, he’s stronger than him and I’m expecting to see more of how this is going to turn out seeing how in pain Lucifer was.

I kinda like this new character that they introduced. Asmodeus, the Last Knight of Hell. Woah, I love the name and the title. This Asmodeus guy is now temporary in-charge of Hell until Lucifer comes back or until they find Jack and train him to rule hell. He’s background story with Lucifer was so intense…Damn, I’m surprised he’s still alive.

Asmodeus succeeds in finding Jack but barely wins at getting him to open a portal that will let out the darkest creature Lucifer had contained and for which Asmodeus had got the deep scar from. In the end, Sam and Dean come to rescue our blameless Jack who just thought Asmodeus was Donatello.

I’m enjoying Supernatural and I’m eager to know how the further episodes are going to turn out. Everyone sure is in a conflict with Jack, is he going to be like his mother and Castiel or is he just going to follow his daddy’s footsteps?

My Rating: 3/5

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