My Review of Supernatural’s S13 EP 1 ‘Lost and Found’

After seeing season’s 12 finale, season 13 was on my ‘must watch without fail’ list. I knew it was going to interesting the moment they ended their previous finale with almost all the main characters dying and a new character being born who is Lucifer’s son, Jack.

I gotta say, Supernatural’s ‘The Road So Far’ is my favorite part of all time. The music, the recaps, everything is just perfect to start a new beginning of something. This episode was more cinematic than any other episodes they have shot so far. The BGM’s were ideal at each of its parts and it had the right feels to it for a great start to their season.

It is extremely tragic to know that Castiel won’t be hanging around anymore (Or, we don’t know, he just might come back as a wild card someday…) But, maybe it’s for the best. And it’s also probably time for some new characters to be introduced. Of course, I miss Crowley as much and oddly as Dean does but the show must go on even if an angel and a demon die, right?

I could empathize Dean’s sadness and frustration of losing every person he cared about. Sam, on the other hand is worried about Jack who surprisingly, isn’t evil but quite the opposite. He’s innocent and new to the world and I saw such resemblance in him and Castiel. Not to mention, the shock when Jack says he isn’t looking for Lucifer but his father, Castiel. I was like, ‘Whut’. In the entire episode Dean is against saving Jake and killing him because no matter how he acts or even if he has knowledge now, he is going to turn bad someday and it’s better to end him now than to struggle to fight with him later. Just like Dean said, ‘When had ever things turned out right for them?’

Then there was this powerful fight with Angels and Dean just doesn’t care if it’s a lady or a man, he’s the kind of guy to punch-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy and Sam’s as intelligent as ever to use his own blood to wipe out the angels. Fortunately, for Jack, the Angel blade is like a rubber knife to him. He removes the blade from his chest and says he’s perfectly fine so for Dean, the Angel blade is out of the ‘Way’s to Kill Jack’ list.

In the end, Sam and Dean agree to take Jack to their bunker. Sam wants to give Jack a chance to prove that he can be good but it becomes obvious that Dean has some other motive.

Lastly, they torch Castiel’s body with a goodbye to him, Kelly (Jack’s mother) Crowley and Mary Winchester (Dean is stubborn to think that she’s dead since she jumped in the alternate Universe with Lucifer and that Luci undoubtedly must have killed her but Sam thinks so otherwise)

…I wish they all could come back. The sadness stayed for quite a while knowing that our Angelic hero, Castiel is gone forever.

Before the end of the episode, our heroin, Mary is seen running away from Lucifer but since the fallen angel has wings, she has no way of escape. Mary gives up and asks Lucifer if she’s going to kill him which in return he answers that no, he won’t because he has other plans for her. Mary’s expression makes it clear that she is badly stuck with the devil. What plans now? I don’t know but I do know that he’s the devil and he will do anything to get back to the Earth and take revenge on Dean and Sam…Scary to think, isn’t it?


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