My Mini Review of Riverdale S2 Ep1 ‘A Kiss Before Dying’

I have waited and waited for Riverdale season 2 and finally, last night, I watched it with my mom and sister. Yes, my mom’s a Riverdale fan too. She likes Jughead the most I think…I’m not sure but it’s a guess and I’m ninety-nine-point nine percent sure, I’m right.

This episode of Riverdale was as not what I expected it to be and I’m saying it in a good way. There was this tension, the grief, the suspense, the feels, damn they were so many emotions packed in this episode that I felt it was a great beginning for the continuation of Riverdale’s mysteries.

I seriously knew that the writer of Riverdale wouldn’t kill Fred Andrews so easily, so that wasn’t a big surprise when he woke up by the end of the episode. Although, I liked how Archie’s friends all came to support him at his hard time in the hospital. It showed the true bond these people have in this small town of theirs.

I always think it’s funny how there’s only one sheriff to take care of the entire town and that he’s always left with so much burden that it absolutely shows in his face. I’m sure his shoulders are gonna get heavier in further episodes as Riverdale’s genre is typically mystery and thriller. There will be a lot of questions in this season as well and to think about it is just plain frustrating.

I also think its silly for Archie and Veronica to get all lovey-dovey when his dad’s in the hospital waiting for death to arrive any minute. And then the sudden anger after just kissing her? Hey man, that’s rude but yeah, if my father was shot, I think I would have bipolar emotions too… Well, since Archie’s a horny teenage kid, we can put his negative trait aside.

Betty and Jughead’s love story is simple as it goes. The only thing I don’t like about Betty is her ability to criticize at everything. I mean, Jughead can choose the path he wants to choose and if he knows the consequences of being a serpent and still chose to do it, it’s his wish, man. Like, I know Betty is just worried about him but seriously, just stop. Juggy can take care of himself. I don’t approve Bughead but if that’s how people want then that’s what people get.

I am a Cheryl Blossom fan even though she is the symbol of evil and darkness. I don’t know, I just admired how she stood up for herself. How she has now turned into a strong woman that not even her mother would dare to defy.

I was finally relieved to see Hiram, Veronica’s dad who had gone to jail. Both her parents looked so suspicious and mysterious, I wonder what their story is and how much they are involved in this, ‘Who shot Fred Andrews and why?’

Lastly, it was deplorably surprising to see Miss Grundy getting attacked by the same attacker who shot Fred Andrews. I can’t say she deserves it but Archie wouldn’t be too happy to hear about it. Everyone by now gets a slight hint that perhaps the attacker is advancing to people whom Archie cares about…And its crucial to think if Archie’s girlfriend and his two besties will be safe or not. Well, we can only wait until the next episode to know what happens further, right?

Ugh, this is the problem with seasons, aren’t they? They leave you hanging like a corpse on the tree.

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