My Mini Review of GOT7’s You Are MV

The moment I hear GOT7’s name, my heart jumps into such wildness and excitement. I’m always looking forward to their songs because it’s always so different and filled with a story that you can enjoy watching to and GOT7’s new song, You Are, is just what I was eagerly waiting for.

I have to say, all 7 of the members look ultimately gorgeous. The sceneries that were used in this MV is to be admired for because it gives off this artistic aura and it truly brings out the personality of each members. I liked the symbolic chain they were holding; each member having each part that in the end forms the GOT7’s logo. It gives off a faint meaning and trust.

Jinyoung’s and Yugyeom’s vocals fitted perfectly for the beginning. It was a great combo to match with the later rap part of Jackson. Of course, we can’t forget the main vocalist Youngjae. I thought I melt at Jinyoung’s voice but to be honest, it’s Youngjae’s that makes me feel warm.

Everything was going well and I was starting to like the song when the chorus betrayed me…I didn’t like how the tune dropped so abruptly. There are no negative comments on their choreography because it was to the point and matched with their song but if only they made the chorus more catching, maybe they could’ve got an extra star.

But Marks rap turned up the music again and I was back to listening to the song intently. I do think though that it’s a nice mix with the high and low tunes but its not my style. Howbeit, It’s GOT7’s style and I’m glad they haven’t changed their way of composing such music. I love Mark and Bam Bam’s combination because of the contract in their voices. The bridge is also catchy to the ears and I had my fingers crossed to not listen to the chorus that flows like waves on a low tide. But, I was wrong and JB’s and Youngjae’s voice was the only thing that kept me going.

I love Jackson’s rap no matter at what part of the song he raps at. It fits everywhere like Cinderella’s glass shoe.

The song would’ve been epic and perfect if the chorus was only in the ending because damn, the windmill, the greenery, GOT7 in white with Mark in red hair gave me all the feels I need in the MV.

In the end, I definitely loved the MV and yeah, I don’t really care if the chorus was luring or not. GOT7 showed simplicity in this MV and I think that’s what matters the most.

My Rating: 4/5

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