My Mini Review of Stray Kids Hellevator MV

The funny thing was, that I had no idea Stray Kids were a group of JYP’s until my sister said so. I was shocked to hear that but didn’t show it on my face. Soon after that realization, I could see so much resemblance in their faces like… Did JYP especially choose these kids who look like Jinyoung and JB and has the same rap voice like our boy Jackson?

Not that I mind, of course. As long as the song touches me, I’m ready to cheer for them.

The tunes were so similar to the ones I have heard before but I won’t complain because I like these types of pieces. It’s common but sometimes common wins. There’s softness in the beginning and then a sudden blast of rap which made me flinch in my seat (The second time as well) The choreography was slightly humdrum but it’s bigoted to expect such from a debut, correct? In fact, its better because it has a good hook to it.

The chorus tune has a sad yet aesthetic harmony to it. It gives off a slight aura of gloominess and the feeling you get when you hear it, its like walking down an empty street, on the boulevard of empty dreams.

The MV shows some cheerful times of the guys and then one of them pressing the elevator button to Hell which evidently means that he’s lost all that he had (Or that’s what I think, anyways) I somehow liked their rapping style, it was rhythmic and forward-looking.

In the end, all of them enter the hellevator and reach a destination filled with violet flowers. They start to run as if they have found their freedom and in actuality they had. The hellevator didn’t really take them to hell but out of hell (If my theory is correct, that is) And as the MV comes to a close, it shows two worlds as in hell and heaven.

I like MV that have some meaning or story behind it and I think this one is about self-determination. I can really feel the potential in these new faces. Although, I can’t find their charms, I’m sure watching their reality tv shows and stuff will bring out their hidden talents. I still have a long way to go to remember their names but hopefully, it won’t be that difficult.

I loved all the tunes since I felt it was fitting for their debut and tunes and melodies and most people will definitely like it. I’m anticipating more from these guys and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.


So long, I’m your Writer Next Door.


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