My Mini Review of Lay’s Sheep MV

The moment I got the news that Lay uploaded a new MV, my heart ran faster and excitement ran through my veins. I was more than glad to know that he was back again after I need you. So, while my parents went out, me and my sister took this opportunity and played the video in high volume.

I didn’t expect Lay to start his song with a rap or even continue doing it until the end. The hip hop EDM tunes are catchy and so are the powerful yet swag-filled choreography. His style and attitude wasn’t typically innocent like a sheep but it was nice to look at a different, particularly fun side of him. I liked the trap elements and the few simple moves that usually makes your body groove to the beat. I just thought it was funny when he said, ‘Be careful sheep in the neighborhood’, Am I the only one who heard ship instead of sheep?

Being honest, I didn’t understand why he made a song saying he’s the China’s Sheep but hell, I like Zhang Yixing so yeah, maybe the song is a little illogical but it wasn’t boring. I agree that it was confounding but fetching at the same time.

I also think I heard the tune after the ‘I am the sheep’ from somewhere but I can’t recall where…It’s similar to an English song and if I had to guess, it would be Get Low.

Damn his body waves and the tiny dabs. And Lol in the end for his sudden cuteness while impersonating a sheep.

In the end, Lay leaves like a sheep…Weird but okay.

Anyways, the song clearly didn’t have a moral but most songs don’t usually do, right? It’s a good listen, though I did find some disappointing comments. Though, It’s a song that you can play when working out, you know, it has the beats and the jumps.

I liked the MV, it was cool. Not much to see or understand but all I wanted was to see Lay so my wish is certainly full-filled.

How did you like Lay’s Sheep MV and his album? Comment below to let me know!

Then, see you in my next post everyone.

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