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16 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Low

There’s always this one day that just doesn’t feel right. It’s like everything is fading into darkness and you have no where to go. You try to think happy and enjoyable things or memories but that doesn’t seem to work either. You have no one to talk to and you just sit in your bedroom, staring at your ceiling and probably on the brink of tears for nothing because you yourself have no idea why you’re feeling this crappy. Sometimes there are a million reasons behind sadness but often times, its just stress and over-thinking. I know, it sucks to see dark clouds and no stars instead of cloudless sky and a fascinating bright moon.

Not to mention, we do stuff to avoid feeling sad because who loves being sad, right? Sadness is like a disease, if one is infected, then everyone around you is affected by it.

That’s why to kill this viral infection called sadness, I will you give a few tips you can do to get out from the feeling of drowning in an ocean.

The tips I give you might not be helpful but you won’t know unless you try.
And if it works, then just be happy and continue living like that.

1. Cuddle with your pet! Animals tend to know what we’re feeling so they will cope up with you even if you hug them too tightly.
2. Listen to your favorite band or blues.
3. Eat a tub of ice cream because there’s nothing better than a large bucket of ice cream on your lap.
4. Try telling someone that you love them. It makes a difference.
5. Wrap yourself in a blanket and cry until you feel okay. Until you know that everything you were worried and stressed about is now gone and that you have another day to live.
6. Visit a library because sometimes books are our only refuge.
7. Go to a beautiful garden and pick some flowers. It might divert your mind.
8. The moment you’re feeling low, hug someone.
9. Drink a hot cup of tea.
10. Or you can go to a cafe if you’re too lazy to make it yourself.
11. Paint. Painting will bring out your emotions. You will be able to know what you’re really feeling or what you really want to say. Paint your sadness on a canvas and make it as beautiful as you.
12. Go through happy memories.
13. You will definitely love this one; order pizza! Large pizza, just for you.
14. Watch your favorite tv show.
15. Play a game and try to beat the highest score. Insignificant things like these do make us happy.
16. And lastly, don’t overthink it, man. You have a whole life ahead of you so don’t waste it in tears.

I certainly don’t need thanks but hey, you’re welcome. I just want you all to live in happiness and bliss. To see the beauty even in sadness and to feel spirited.

Don’t cry unless they’re tears of joy.

Life is short, sadness will make it shorter.

See you in my next post then,
So long.

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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