20 Tips for Self-Improvement

Do you ever feel low and annoyed at time with yourself? Do you ever feel like you’re getting nowhere in your life? I think I might empathize because sometimes I feel like that too. Actually, everyone in their life feels like this at one point in their life. It’s common, it’s viral but it can be cured.

If you have the will to do it, you can. If you set your mind, anything is possible, isn’t it? That’s why, to help you guys a little, I’m going to tell you ten tips that you can do to improve yourself. It might take some time to adjust but trust me, in the end, you’ll feel like a whole new person or perhaps, a completely different one. Now, it’s easy to sit and tell you the tips but It’s up to YOU how you’ll apply these tips to your life. If you don’t have the attitude, you won’t feel no good vibes.

  • Learn to love yourself. You’re beautiful in your own way. No one can take away what you were born with. Try to be more confident, it’s okay, people won’t judge you.
  • Learn something new like skills or hobbies, or even languages.
  • I won’t tell you to go and live somewhere faraway, but try to live in an environment that has a lot of positivity and inspiration. You might find a place like that near your home or school or you can try searching for it if you have flight tickets. (Not funny, right?)
  • Write in a dairy. Write everyday before you go to bed. Jot down your thoughts, worries and feelings for today and have a good night’s sleep. Diary is something you can vent to and 99 percent of the time, it works well than a human being.
  • When life gets difficult, don’t fall on your knees but get up, clench that fist and move forward no matter what.
  • There’s a simple saying, “If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today.”
  • Pursue greatness. ‘Only great men may have great faults.’
  • Create goals and targets.
  • Stop Procrastinating. It’s like an insect that sucks your blood.
  • Remember, everything you experience is a simple life lesson. You learn and you use those lessons in future.
  • You might not be a reader, but try to make some time for yourself and read inspiring and great books.
  • If its possible, stay away from negative people. Sometimes it’s inevitable but think positive if you can’t run away from such people.
  • Past is in the past. Leave it behind and believe in the future.
  • Quit any bad habits you have and start new ones.
  • Overcome your fears.
  • Take a break. It’s okay to sit in front of the T.V with a huge bag of chips and Soda occasionally. (Only once in a while, okay? Don’t make that a habit)
  • Yes, waking up early in the morning is annoying and you think you need more sleep. But, being a morning person will definitely help you if you make it a routine of doing so. You will able to concentrate on your work more and I don’t know, scientifically, waking up early is good for health; physically and mentally.
  • Don’t forget to have some physical activity in your life. At least 30 minutes a day.
  • Sit. Close your eyes. Breath. And forget whatever you’re thinking for a few minutes.
  • Lastly, seize the day, Pal! Always remind yourself that you have no knowledge of what might happen tomorrow, so live today and if you live, then worry about tomorrow.

I hope you guys will practice these simple yet helpful tips everyday in your life. I hope you all have a life you’re content and satisfied with. Don’t forget to love yourself and the people around you. Don’t forget to be confident because confidence comes from within you, not from something you eat (Unfortunately, our world isn’t magical)

If this blog was worth your time to read, then all I want to say is ‘Thank you.’ (See, that’s called Self-Improvement. So proud of myself)

Then, lets meet in my next post!

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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My Mini Review of Maze Runner Trailer

The new Maze Runner trailer was filled with action, drama and intensity. I’m super excited to see Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Death Cure is the last series of the Maze Runner Saga and I’m anticipating how it will end. I don’t recall much from the last two films; Maze Runner and Scorch Trials (have to watch them again before Death Cure releases) however, seeing the trailer made me feel that this one will be as thrilling as the previous parts.

I was surprised to see the stunts the characters performed. Not to mention and no offence, I was annoyed to see the heroin because in the previous part she had kinda betrayed her group. Damn, the moment the trailer starts my heart just went ‘BOOM’. They have to go back to the walls and hell, it’s like, ‘Do or Die, Make you choice.’

The train teaser got me hyped and I’m having my fingers crossed it’s gonna be as epic as they showed it to be. ‘Wohoo’ because shooting is the real thing, like it or not. I’m a gamer and when it comes to shooting down bad guys, I’m all up for it.

In the end, guess I can’t wait until January for the film to release, that too in IMAX!

I would like to read the books though. I want to see if they have changed anything or kept it as it was. Perhaps, if I have time then I might give the book a go. Besides, books have more detailed emotions than movies, correct?

So long then.

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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My Mini Review Of Andante

I was pretty excited to see the first episode of this Drama and I will say that I wasn’t disappointed. The only reason I watched it is because of Kai and I’m totally impressed by his acting. I mean, there’s such a drastic change in his performance that I was taken aback. Like, seriously, his acting in Choco Bank and EXO Next Door was well, you could say simple but watching Andante, I’ve fell in love with Kai all over again.

The plot is about a high school student named Shi Kyung (Kai) who, due to some circumstances moves to a small town and to a mysterious school. Getting through unfamiliar experiences, he realizes the meaning of love and life.

Kai is portraying a typical high school student who is addicted to games, lies to mom on small things, fabricates his marksheet and gets teased by his sister whose dressing sense I didn’t understand. Hats off to Kai for performing well as Shi Kyung. It surprised me when he executed the comical pieces. His dialogue delivery was perfect and I’m actually expecting more from him. Of course, NOT the kissing part which they showed in the trailers because I would kill myself if that scene ever took place (I’m a huge Kai fan and I can’t stand it)

This episode had the laughs, the slight tension of getting chased by bullies and an expectancy that you get as the story keeps going forward. I’m having high hopes for this story because of its plot and I just hope I won’t be let down.

They did show the heroin (Kim Jin Kyung) but it was just for a few brief moments and I rather excited to see how she performs in further episodes. I also wonder what the story of the side characters are because rather than the main story, I look forward to the different point of views; the drama and the feelings highly differ.

I think people should definitely give this drama a go because of its simple yet mysterious plot. If you do watch it, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

(Since its just the first episode, giving a rating would be unfair, right?)

Then, see you in my next post!

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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My Review of Lay’s I Need You MV

My sister told me that Lay’s new music video was uploaded and I burst out fangirling because I missed him so much. We don’t get to see him with EXO anymore which made me quite apprehensive but since recently Suho mentioned him at the time of getting an award, my heart was at ease.

Lay’s new MV is set in the city of love, Paris and is dedicated to his grandparents.
I liked the setting because it gave a kind of nostalgic and romantic feeling to it.
Of course, since it’s Paris, the aura itself turns tender.

In the beginning of the MV , there is something written in French. Since I don’t know French, I scrolled down to the comments and eventually knew what it said.

“It’s not a love story. It’s a story that talks about love.”

At first you have this slow, sentimental piano playing in the background but then suddenly you have this string and drums melody that is typically Lay’s style. I think the harmony was similar to his previous song What U Need but surely, this one had its own style and composition.

Lay dancing in the suit and tie was perfect. The choreography was smooth and his handsomeness is to be praised for. The chorus is catchy to the ears, and like I said, similar to What U Need.

I’m always a big fan of dance breaks and I think Lay killed it in this one. He’s the king of popping and that beret made him look like a dancer from the nineties.

And damn, let’s not forget that that was one huge diamond ring he bought for the girl.

I think it was cute to have Lay’s grandparents in the MV as themselves. Their simple love story was told in just four minutes and it’s actually a song that you can listen to in repeat. You won’t feel it at first but at the second time round, the melody gets clearer and you get a sense of slight emotion.

I liked how the MV ended. The handsome Lay walking on the sidewalk and then stopping across Eifle tower with thoughts of spending his life with the girl he loves so deeply.

In my opinion, I think since Lay came back after so long, this MV should get its fair views. Lay’s singing and dancing were ideal and fans love it. Fans love him and will keep on loving him.

This songs a good listen and I hope Lay participates with EXO again because I would sure love to see OT9 again.

Let’s all support Lay and give him our love as much as we can!

I’m your Writer Next Door.

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My Mini Review of BTS’ DNA MV

First of all, I’m not someone who listens to music a lot but when I do listen, I’m very choosy.

After watching BTS’ DNA teaser, I got my expectations so high that when I finally watched the MV, I got so disappointed that I my heart couldn’t just take it. I have been a fan of BTS since their debut and all their songs until now were so rhythmic and fun to listen to.

I wish I could say I liked DNA but even when I tried to listen to it the second time, my mood drops immediately in the entire main part of the song. However, I really like the beginning and the ending. As the MV begins, the camera shows some kind of a pastel colored galaxy and then zooms in and zooms out from Jungkook’s eye. We can’t miss mentioning how handsome and flawless Jungkook looks. The whistling had got me hooked right from the teaser which is why I foretold that their song would be a hit but now we know how it turned out.

Then comes V and his style and expression are what fangirls need. His voice too was good to listen to. I liked the part until J-hope sang but Rap Monsters part dropped the beat a little which upset my thoughts a little. I still think Suga should’ve got more rap parts since I like his voice more than Rap Monsters. Jimin looked quite attracting to me in the MV. The part before the dance break is catchy too. The choreography seems difficult and a lot is going on but BTS’ choreographies are always filled with vigour.

We do have to take a note the whistling part that they incorporated in between. I think it made the song a bit more fetching.

I also liked V’s Jin’s slow part, it was fitting for such a song. And from this point on, I managed to like the song a little. The ‘Forever together’ part where Jin sings then V comes in front of Jin and then Jungkook comes and then finally Jimin comes and then Jimin does this expression that my heart fluttered upon, I think that was the best part of the entire MV.

I definitely loved the ‘la la la la’ choreography and I can’t help but wonder if it was J-hope who choreographed it because that last part Is entirely his style and he certainly stole the spotlight (Let me know if I’m right)

Overall, I have mixed feelings with the song. Maybe if I try and keep listening to it, my percent of liking it would rise. BTS is a hip-hop group and we do expect a lot from them. Unquestionably, since they have now become an international sensation, they might snatch wins as easy as a piece of cake. Army’s are ever so passionate on seeing BTS at the top.

I liked one or two songs from their album as well, I think they were ‘Pied Piper’ and ‘Mic Drop’. It’s a good listen but the rest of the songs, they weren’t my style.

Like I said before, I anticipated more from BTS but that’s alright. I didn’t completely hate the song DNA. It has a good feel to it but I only wished it would’ve been a bit more ‘heart-pounding’ song that would’ve given me goosebumps.

There are many of who completely loved the song and some who have been unsatisfied, nevertheless, let’s keep supporting our dynamic group BTS and give them as much love as we can!

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My Review of Boku Wa Ashita, Kinou No Kimi To Date Suru

Once again, I had stumbled on a Japanese movie and I was glad I did.
Boku wa ashita, kinou no kimi to date suru, is a tragic movie based on a novel written by Takafumi Nanatsuki.

To be honest, I wanted to see the movie for Nana but to my surprise, Sota was starring as well which gave me one more reason to see this heart-clenching story.

This youthful romance story is about a University guy named Takatoshi Minamiyama (Sota Fukushi). He is a major in art at an art University in Kyoto. One day, on the train to his Uni, Takatoshi sees a girl named Emi Fukuju (Nana Komatsu) and falls in love with her at first sight. Soon, mustering his courage, he talks to her at a station.

The first fifteen-twenty minutes or so of the story was going quite well and smoothly. I mean, yeah, the title did give away the surprise but I really wasn’t expecting something so bitter.

One night, Emi forgets her diary at Takatoshi’s house and that’s when Emi had to reveal her devasting secret. She is from a parallel universe where time flows in the opposite direction of this universe. Which means, when Takatoshi is 25, Emi is 15 and When Takatoshi is 35, Emi is 5. To make this even more disastrous, Emi and Takatoshi are only able to meet for 30 days every 5 years because that’s where the loophole in their time cycles is.

At first, the plot confused me a little. I had to repeatedly keep asking my sister what the hell was going on. But when I finally and completely realized what was happening, my heart sank deep. I couldn’t bear to watch such an amazing couple being in such a miserable situation.

The movie gets more and more intensely sad when we get absorbed by the strong feeling of the characters. What pains me is that the Emi that Takatoshi meets each day, has no memory of the days they had spent time together in his timeline because she hasn’t experienced them yet and vice versa for Takatoshi in Emi’s timeline.

So the only memory they have is of today’s. The memory of the next day for Takatoshi and the memory of the next day for Emi is shared with a different version of the other person which means, there are no actual shared memories. However yet, they continue to love each other and try to make their relationship work.

I could somehow truly feel the pain they both were feeling. The movie didn’t make me cry but it was so sensitive. One more thing that makes the viewers go, “I’m done with this movie…and my life.” Is realizing that once Takatoshi reaches 40+, there won’t be any more opportunities to see Emi because in her timeline, she wouldn’t have been born yet and it would be same for her.

Takatoshi and Emi won’t be able to see each other anymore because the other person wouldn’t be in existence… (Yeah, cry on that!)

In the end, me and my sister just blankly stared at the credits screen. Our mind was stuck on the bittersweet ending. When I still think about it, I feel my heart pinching.

I loved everything about this movie; the setting, the aesthetic feeling, the actors, the emotions, the feels, the sadness. Unlike others, I am satisfied with minor touching scenes that just stays on your mind for a while. This movie shows us the real bond of true lovers that even though they are going through such a hard time, they try to cherish each of the second they spend together. They try not to show how painful it is for the both of them to live like this and yet, till the end they are smiling.

It was a really good movie and it could be watched a second time but I don’t want to feel all those pitiful emotions again so I’m going to give up on that idea.

I have a feeling most people wouldn’t like the movie since it wouldn’t reach their expectation and would think it as a bore because it’s slow paced.

But I do suggest you to watch it attest once because you don’t want to miss out on this  amazingly, unhappy movie.

I recommend this movie to all those who wants to see or feel how a heart break is.

My rating: 5/5

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My Review of Sukitte Ii Na Yo

I had been wanting to see this movie for so long and finally, I did two night ago.
Sukitte ii na yo, called as Say I love you in English is a manga based romantic Live action.

Being honest, the movie was good. Not that good, but it was nice to have something to watch to pass time. I like Sato Fukushi so you could say, I watched the entire movie just for him.

Like most of the movies, the protagonists love starts with a kiss. Mei tachibana (Haruna Kawaguchi) is a high school student. Because of some traumatic incident that happened when she was kid, Mei has been unable to make friends. One day, due to a slight misunderstanding, Mei injures the most popular guy in the school, Yamato Kurosawa (Sato Fukushi) And like always, the famous boy falls in love with the Emo girl.
Yamato goes to apologize to Mei after that incident and shares his number with her. Plus, he begins telling everyone that Mei is his friend. One night, when Mei was heading home after her part time job, she notices the guy that always comes to her shop. Anxious, Mei enters a book store and sees that the stalker is still waiting outside.
Not knowing what to do, she then calls Yamato who immediately arrives at the bookstore. That surely surprised Mei because she didn’t expect he would come after what she did to him. To rid the stalker from following her anymore, Yamato kisses her.
And from that kiss, their love story begins.

The movie isn’t something different, rather, it’s plain and just filled too many unnecessary kisses. No offense, I just didn’t like it. What I thought was that everything was going a little too fast. I know, it’s hard to adapt a film from a manga because manga has more detailed emotions and sense but in the movie, the feelings and the smooth at didn’t get to me much.

Mei’s background isn’t all that sad and like Yamato says, not everyone is the same. Not everyone betrays.

Yamatos background wasn’t special either but due to his past, he has a soft side for the bullied which is why he fell for Mei.

The side characters each had their moments in the story but again, nothing too unexceptional.

There was slight antagonism and I was afraid something ugly would take place but nothing of the sort happened so that took out one point.

(And one more point taken from this movie for being a normal high school movie)

Then just for a while, there’s a love triangle but it ended pretty quickly as well. Like I said, everything was going fast and before I knew, the move ended too. Lol.
It was good though, how the second hero gave up his love when the heroin said she only had feelings for the one person who made her feel all these feelings she was experiencing and not just went around forcefully kissing her and then picking a fight with the hero.

I sensed Mei’s jealousy at the time when Yamato takes the job of modeling. I wouldn’t blame her for being like that because of Yamato’s “I’m just a good friend” attitude with the model.

Mei’s friends were a good support for her which I liked because that’s what friends are for, right?

I also liked how in the end, Mei kisses Yamato because it’s always Yamato making the first move but this time, Mei really wanted to show how she honestly feels about him.
And they also end the movie with a kiss and a spot on confession from Mei, “I love you.”

The actors acting were nice, a little off beat at times but it was watchable.
Once more I’m going to mention that everything went a little too fast.
I kept rolling my eyes whenever a kissing scene would come up haha. It’s not like they can’t kiss but please, can’t it be limited?

Though, you can watch this movie if you want to pass some free time. It wasn’t that bad, so give it a shot, okay?

My rating: 2/5

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My Review of Kinkyori Renai

“I hate you but like you at the same time. What should I do?”

Kinkyori Renai also named as Close-Range Love is a manga based romance live action. The movie stars of two of my favourite actors, Nana Komatsu and Tomohisa Yamashita. The story is about a high school student named, Yuni Kururugi (Nana Komatsu) who is smart and excels at every subject except English which becomes a drawback for her to go to her favorite University in California. However, she keeps a blank face, doesn’t show her emotions and no one perceives what she is thinking or feeling. Seeing her low marks in English, an English teacher named, Haruka Sakurai (Tomohisa Yamashita) which all the girls go head over heels for begins to tutor her one-on-one.

At first, Yuni hates Haruka for his irresponsible and self-conscious attitude but as they spend more and more time together, Yuni’s heart wavers and eventually, she falls in love with her Sensei. Yuni tries hard to tell her Sensei how she feels about him but she doesn’t find the right moment to which is heart clenching because she even tries to confess in front of everyone but realizes that she couldn’t.

Finally, she decides to confess to him and right when Sensei enters the room, she hides under his desk. Haruka noticing Yuni is absent asks the class where she is and they tell her that she was here a minute ago and must have gone to the washroom. Sensei was about to begin his class when Yuni tugs his suit from underneath. Surprised, Haruka reads the words that were written on a book by Yuni. He then tells a girl to start reading a page and purposely drops his pen. Kneeling, he grabs the pen but looks at Yuni. They share a moment of eye contact and then Haruka makes the first move of kissing her.

But, one of the new teachers, Mirei Takizawa (Asami Mizukawa) which also turns out to be Haruka’s childhood friend and high school girlfriend sees him getting up and touching his lips which he always does after a kiss and also notices a student underneath his desk.

One time, Yuni stops a group of friends from reading her classmates diary. Since then, the owner of the diary, Ryu Matoba (Nozomu Kotaki) falls in love with Yuni but gives up because Yuni tells him that she likes somebody else. Matoba knew that it was none other than Sakurai-Sensei that she had fallen for. His strong cologne had gave him away.

Mirei tries to stop Haruka from liking a student because it’s forbidden for a teacher to fall in love with his student and he could be expelled from school for it. At first, Haruka tells Yuni to forget about the kiss but aforetime his love for her turned so strong that he promised to marry her after graduation. Both Haruka and Yuni make a deal to not tell anyone and to keep away from each other at school but that turned out to be more painful for Yuni.

Yuni doesn’t have any friends except one; her middle school friend named, Kikuko Nanami. She is supportive and tries her best to understand Yuni. They also promise to each other that if Yuni finds a boyfriend, she would have to tell it to her (Which is why they an argument and stop talking to each other for a while)

Although Mirei is not the villain, because of her love and concern for Haruka, she clicks a photo of Haruka hugging Yuni in a classroom. Mirei then shows this picture to Yuni’s cousin, Kazuma Akechi (Hirofumi Arai) who is a teacher as well in Yuni’s school. Worried about such a love, Akechi tells Haruka to leave Yuni alone.

Meanwhile, Yuni gives up on going to the University of California to study under her favorite professor Mendel because Yuni and Haruka were going to marry after her graduation. Akechi didn’t like her idea of dropping her dream that she had since middle school and so tells Haruka to convince Yuni.

Because of this, Haruka breaks up with Yuni and Yuni, who couldn’t bear the pain and finally cries with her best friend, decided to go to the University. But, she won’t give up her love. Yuni will study hard and come back as a perfect person for Haruka.

Few months after, Yuni comes back realizing that Haruka had lied to her about his feelings. She shows him a photo of a blue sunset that Haruka’s father had said had seen once. Touched by her actions, Haruka asks her to marry her right away. And like every love story, they end their story with a kiss on the beach. Ah, I like happy endings.

I am in love with this movie and I would watch it again if I had to. I could feel Sensei’s and Yuni’s emotions so vividly. The story went steadily with the right number of heart-fluttering scenes and tension. There wasn’t much conflict but I guess in a movie that’s enough (Though the movie would have turned intense with a little bit of disputation and antagonism) They were scenes that made me fret because it’s a prohibited love between a teacher and a student and if anyone catches them, it will be a big problem…There weren’t any comical scenes; (which is fine by me sometimes) just sad, frustrating, pulsating and tensed ones.

Yuni and Haruka both didn’t have much support in the movie to fight for their love yet they succeeded because they both were a fitting match for each other. Forbidden or not, love doesn’t have any rules and you can love whoever you want no matter the age and no matter if he is a teacher.

The kiss wasn’t deep which was suitable for the movie. The actors got into their character well which is most important for the viewers to be compelled to the movie. I’m not sure many people are like Yuni but if you are then I’m sure one day you will be able to open to others as well.

My rating: 4/5


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My Mini Review of Ore Monogatari

“Why won’t human emotions, not even my own, work out the way we want.”

At first, I didn’t have the mood to watch this movie but for some reason, I decided to give it a go and being honest, it was a good, comedic watch.

Ore Monogatari is a manga based romantic-comedy live action. The story is about a first year high school student named, Takao Gouda (Ryohei Suzuki). He is 2m tall and weighs more than a 100 hundred kgs which makes him the least popular guy among girls but male students adore him. He has an honest and righteous character and would run to help anyone who is in need. Takeo has a handsome best friend named, Makoto Sunakawa (Kentaro Sakaguchi) who is the most popular among girls. Even the girl Takao likes ends up falling for Sunakawa but our kind-hearted Takeo leaves his love for his best friend knowing that there is no way a girl would ever like him because of how he looks.

His friend Sunakawa though is quite supportive and mindful of him and although he wants people to recognize how warmhearted Takeo is, he couldn’t do anything about it because of Takeo’s huge size.

However, one-day Takeo saves a female student named Rinko Yamato (Mei Nagano) from a pervert and falls in love with her at first sight. Given Takeo’s nature, he feels that Rinko likes Sunakawa but of course Sunakawa isn’t the one Rinko likes. Takeo then struggles to liaise between Rinko and Sunakawa which makes Rinko think that she might be a nuisance to Takeo (all because of the Takeo’s misunderstanding)

This movie has many comical and pitiful scenes. Seeing how Takeo can’t understand Rinko’s feelings makes us frustrated till the end of the movie. I couldn’t perceive Sunakawa’s feelings of how he thinks of Rinko (does he like her or not? But I’m sure if I read the manga or watch the anime, I’ll get to know a little about his side of the story too) They showed a strong bond between Takeo and Sunakawa throughout the entire movie which at some point made me think that maybe Takeo likes Sunakawa (Hahaha, I went a little too far with my imagination)

I do have to mention that there were too many delicious foods that made me salivate last night. Rinko learns a lot of things from different people and makes tempting dishes to make Takeo like her (step one of making someone like you) But undoubtedly, Takeo thinks that she made it for Sunakawa and tells her to keep making these things to keep his friend happy. Rinko doesn’t know why Takeo thinks like that until the middle of the movie. Wanting the two most important to him to be happy, he tells Yamato what a great guy Suna was which only causes Yamato to cry and leave Takeo. Suna tells the dejected Rinko why Takeo thinks like that. Since then, Rinko tries her utter best to do everything she can to show her love to him.

I liked how Rinko didn’t give up on Takeo and kept her love spirit alive. The movie was coming to an end and Takeo still hadn’t understood Rinko’s feelings but right then, Sunakawa, becoming the matchmaker, planned something to make him realize that all this time, Rinko truly loved Takeo and not Sunakawa.

The moral of this story was to never judge a person by their looks and to believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter how you look, the only thing that’s important is how you’re deep inside and I think Rinko comprehended that well.

This movie was absolutely clean, funny and I was not one bit bored. Everything went smoothly and yeah, there were awkward and upsetting moments but that’s what makes this movie so good. The actors portrayed their characters well. The scenery was nice to look at it. There were feels and laughs and the best part was that there was an happy ending! I do hope Sunakawa finds someone as well but I’m sure Rinko and Takeo will do their best to make that happen. After watching this movie, I’m thinking of reading the manga as well since there would be much detailed emotions and background to the story.

I would recommend this movie to all those who want to have a good laugh with slight feels and a smooth ending.

My Rating: 4/5

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My This Week’s Playlist

Every week is different and with every week comes new emotions and experiences.

So, I decided to make a weekly playlist that was fitting to my mood and style. Some songs truly touch my heart while others are just fun to jump on the bed with your sister or your friend. Though, I have a mixed playlist which means there will be Kpop, Jpop and Cpop songs. (That’s what I listen to most of the time)

  • Power – EXO
  • Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee
  • Sweet Lies – EXO
  • Papillon – Jackson Wang
  • Fetish – Selena Gomez
  • Gasina – Sunmi
  • Babe – Hyuna
  • Yoona – When the wind blows
  • Serendipity – BTS
  • Look what you made me do – Taylor Swift
  • Start of something new – High school musical
  • Bae Bae – Big Bang
  • Eyes, nose, lips – Taeyang
  • Darling – Taeyang

It won’t hurt to listen to these few songs because some of them are really good for the ears and heart.

I hope you guys have a great day and see you on my next post.

I’m your Writer Next Door!

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