My Review of Lay’s I Need You MV

My sister told me that Lay’s new music video was uploaded and I burst out fangirling because I missed him so much. We don’t get to see him with EXO anymore which made me quite apprehensive but since recently Suho mentioned him at the time of getting an award, my heart was at ease.

Lay’s new MV is set in the city of love, Paris and is dedicated to his grandparents.
I liked the setting because it gave a kind of nostalgic and romantic feeling to it.
Of course, since it’s Paris, the aura itself turns tender.

In the beginning of the MV , there is something written in French. Since I don’t know French, I scrolled down to the comments and eventually knew what it said.

“It’s not a love story. It’s a story that talks about love.”

At first you have this slow, sentimental piano playing in the background but then suddenly you have this string and drums melody that is typically Lay’s style. I think the harmony was similar to his previous song What U Need but surely, this one had its own style and composition.

Lay dancing in the suit and tie was perfect. The choreography was smooth and his handsomeness is to be praised for. The chorus is catchy to the ears, and like I said, similar to What U Need.

I’m always a big fan of dance breaks and I think Lay killed it in this one. He’s the king of popping and that beret made him look like a dancer from the nineties.

And damn, let’s not forget that that was one huge diamond ring he bought for the girl.

I think it was cute to have Lay’s grandparents in the MV as themselves. Their simple love story was told in just four minutes and it’s actually a song that you can listen to in repeat. You won’t feel it at first but at the second time round, the melody gets clearer and you get a sense of slight emotion.

I liked how the MV ended. The handsome Lay walking on the sidewalk and then stopping across Eifle tower with thoughts of spending his life with the girl he loves so deeply.

In my opinion, I think since Lay came back after so long, this MV should get its fair views. Lay’s singing and dancing were ideal and fans love it. Fans love him and will keep on loving him.

This songs a good listen and I hope Lay participates with EXO again because I would sure love to see OT9 again.

Let’s all support Lay and give him our love as much as we can!

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